Paddle Board Calgary: Best 11 Spots [Beginners to Pros]

Paddle Board Calgary: Best 11 Spots [Beginners to Pros]

Calgary's dynamic waterways offer tranquil lakes and roaring rivers to fuel any spirited outdoor enthusiast’s wanderlust. This city teems with paddle boarding spots that cater to novices, seasoned pros, and everyone in between. In this ultimate guide, let’s find where to paddleboard in Calgary and prepare for a thrilling adventure.

Paddleboard in Calgary: Beginner-Friendly Locations

For those new to the world of paddle boarding, or simply seeking a relaxing day on the water, these serene locations offer calm waters and welcoming environments.

1. Lake Bonavista

Nestled in the vibrant southeast quarter of Calgary, Canada, the enchanting man-made Lake Bonavista beckons beginner paddleboarders with its serene waters. The lake's consistently calm and glassy surface, coupled with gentle breezes and minimal waves, creates a perfect haven for honing essential paddleboarding techniques, such as mastering balance and finesse in maneuvering.

2. Carburn Park

Nestled along the Bow River's banks, Carburn Park presents a picturesque haven for paddle boarders yearning for tranquility infused with a bit of adventure. The park's sheltered lagoon is the perfect warm-up spot before braving the river's more demanding currents. Abundant in wildlife and graced with towering trees, Carburn Park beckons nature enthusiasts to uncover its enchanting secrets.

3. Bowness Park Lagoon

Located within the beautiful Bowness Park, with an average depth of just about 1.5 meters, this lagoon offers calm waters perfect for beginner paddle-boarders. Surrounded by trees, it's sheltered from strong winds, making your paddle boarding experience smooth. Plus, with park amenities nearby, you've got everything you need for a fun day out!

4. Sikome Lake

Nestled within the 13.48 square kilometer expanse of Fish Creek Provincial Park, Sikome Lake is a man-made aquatic facility known for its sandy beaches and clear waters. With a designated swimming area that spans over 10,000 square meters and a maximum depth of about 2 meters, it's an inviting spot for beginner paddle boarders. While the lake's infrastructure ensures gentle waters, its popularity, especially during weekends in July and August, means potential crowds. Therefore, early morning or weekday visits might offer a quieter paddle boarding experience. 

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Paddleboard in Calgary: Intermediate Locations

For more experienced paddle boarders craving exhilarating challenges and boundless exploration, these intermediate locations promise unforgettable experiences.

1. Bow River

The Bow River, coursing through Calgary's vibrant heart, offers an invigorating paddle boarding experience for spirited intermediates. Gliding along its winding waters, you'll marvel at the breathtaking city skyline and lush riverbanks. With multiple access points peppered along the river, tailor your adventure to your heart's content. Be ready to conquer occasional currents and embrace the dynamic pulse of urban life as you paddle.

2. Spray Lakes Reservoir

Also located in Kananaskis Country, Spray Lakes Reservoir is a larger body of water that can be a bit windy, but it still has some calm areas that are suitable for Intermediates. It's important to check the weather conditions before paddleboarding on Spray Lakes Reservoir.

3. Glenmore Reservoir

Spanning over 3.84 square kilometers, the Glenmore Reservoir in the heart of Calgary offers vast waters that are primarily calm, making it a favorite spot for paddle-board enthusiasts. While its size sometimes introduces wind or waves, navigating its waters provides a rewarding experience with breathtaking views of the city skyline and nearby Heritage Park.

4. Elbow River

Stretching approximately 120 kilometers from the Rocky Mountains to its confluence with the Bow River, the Elbow River offers a gentler paddle boarding experience. It's smoother than the Bow River and, with a width ranging between 20-50 meters in most parts, offers a scenic route replete with Calgary's natural beauty. Brush up on navigating its unique currents, and you're set for a memorable journey!

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Paddleboard in Calgary: Advanced Locations

For seasoned paddle boarders craving adrenaline-pumping challenges and thrilling escapades, these advanced locations deliver an experience like no other.

1. Ghost Lake Reservoir

Just a short drive from Calgary, Ghost Lake paddle boarding offers a thrilling paddle boarding experience amidst the striking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Ghost Lake is usually not overly crowded, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful paddle boarding experience. With its vast expanse and frequently changing conditions, this location is best suited for experienced paddlers seeking a thrilling adventure.

Paddle boarding at Ghost Lake offers a unique chance to connect with nature, get some exercise, and unwind from the daily grind. Embrace the refreshing mountain air as you navigate the reservoir's choppy waters and immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Alberta's landscape.

2. Chestermere Lake

Just a heartbeat from Calgary, Chestermere Lake emerges as a coveted hotspot for water sports aficionados. Its vast, shimmering waters are a thrilling arena for seasoned paddlers craving an adrenaline-fueled challenge. Encircled by a dynamic community and offering an array of recreational amenities, Chestermere Lake is the ultimate destination to immerse yourself in an electrifying SUP adventure.

3. Barrier Lake

Nestled within the sprawling 4,210 square kilometers of Kananaskis Country, Barrier Lake covers an area of about 2.9 square kilometers. As a reservoir, its waters can occasionally turn from placid to challenging due to changing winds. With the backdrop of Alberta's magnificent mountains and given its vast expanse, this lake beckons advanced paddle boarders seeking a blend of beauty and challenge.

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Paddleboarding Adventure Awaits in Calgary!

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