Giving Back

Below the Water Initiative

Waterways aren't just beautiful places to adventure; they're home to thousands of sea creatures and a diverse abundance of plant life. When they're thriving, we thrive too.

iROCKER is on a mission to keep our oceans healthy for today and tomorrow.


A Voice for Change

Our oceans and the wildlife that live there are under threat. We’re on a mission to stand up, speak out, and take action to protect this big blue playground.


Global Commitment

Waterways aren’t just beautiful places to adventure – they’re home to thousands of sea creatures and an abundance of plant life. iROCKER is on a mission to keep our oceans healthy for today’s generation and the paddlers of tomorrow.

Why it Matters


A healthy ocean makes for a healthier world.

The health of our oceans not only impacts sea life, but also jobs, tourism, food supply, transportation, medicine, and our economy.


All sealife deserve a clean and healthy place to live.

50% of the world’s oxygen comes from our oceans, and our oceans store 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Oceans cover 70% of earth's surface, helping to regulate heat and weather patterns. Scientists estimate that the ocean is home to over a million different species.


No Shoes Reefs

From restoring coral reefs and protecting wildlife, to ocean clean-ups and research, we support initiatives that help our waters thrive. And this is just the beginning. Started by Kenny Chesney, No Shoes Reefs is a collective of brands, scientists, and conservationists with the shared goal of leaving the water in a better place. When you order from iROCKER, a portion of your purchase benefits No Shoes Reefs.

A Message from our Founder

When we had the opportunity to take action by supporting a good cause doing great things, we didn’t think twice. Together we can positively impact our lakes, oceans, and rivers, and improve the water for everyone and everything.

– Steve Elder, Founder and CEO