Touring Paddle Board

For a true touring paddle board, look no further than the BLACKFIN Model V. This inflatable paddle board was made for open waters and long distances. Partner it with a Boost Fin and go further, longer for limitless adventure. 
BLACKFIN MODEL V 2023 Inflatable Paddle Board
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BLACKFIN MODEL V 2023 Inflatable Paddle Board


$849.00 $1,199.00

  • Blue Gold
  • Teal Fuchsia

Touring Paddle Boards

For those who seek to explore the far reaches of their local waterways, a touring paddle board can be the answer. These paddle boards are purpose built to trek smoother through the water and enable the paddler to go further. We had this in mind when we developed the Blackfin Model V, one of the best touring paddle boards on the marketing!