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4 Tips on How to Store Paddle Boards in Hot Weather

4 Tips on How to Store Paddle Boards in Hot Weather

How to keep your SUP from feeling the heat

Long days on the water and in the sun are what summer is all about. But with warm weather conditions come precautions that must be taken to ensure your safety and the safety of your inflatable paddle board. iROCKER boards are built to last, but it’s important to maintain your board and minimize any unnecessary risks. Follow these guidelines to ensure your inflatable SUP is in tip top shape for a season of sun-filled adventures.

Never Overinflate an Inflatable SUP

The most important rule when it comes to inflatable SUPs is applicable no matter the temperature. All iROCKER SUPs are designed to hold a maximum of 23 PSI. However, we recommend you inflate your board to no more than 15 PSI. There is no added benefit of inflating past 15 PSI and the remaining room at 15 PSI allows the air inside the board to expand should it become heated. If you overinflate your board and then the air heats and expands, it has nowhere to go, which can put excess pressure on the board’s seams and even cause them to fail.

Never Overinflate an Inflatable SUP


Never Leave an Inflated SUP Out in the Sun

While there is room left in your board at 15 PSI for air to warm and expand, it’s never a good idea to leave your inflated board out in the sun, whether that’s on hot sand at the beach while you take a paddle break or on grass or a dock. If you need to take a break but don’t have access to any shade, let a bit of air out of your board so that the air inside has even more room to expand in the sun. The best practice though is to avoid leaving your inflated board in the sun.

An inflated board that is in direct sunlight but being used on the water should be inflated to 15 PSI as the water will act to cool the air inside the board. No need to let any air out!

Never Overinflate an Inflatable SUP_2


Never Leave an Inflated SUP in Your Car

A car's interior can heat up by an average of 40 degrees F within an hour, regardless of ambient temperature. Even a car parked in the shade can become very hot, very fast. The quick expansion of air inside your board can put excess pressure on the board’s seams, causing leaks or, in worst case scenarios, a blown-up board. If you have to leave your board in your car, deflate it entirely to ensure there is no damage done to either the board or your car.

Inflatable paddle boards are incredibly convenient, portable, and fun! But like any outdoor gear, they can take a beating from the elements. If you’re ever in doubt, the best course of action is to deflate. It only takes 12 minutes to reinflate your board with an electric pump. Save yourself the worry and aggravation of replacing a board by taking the proper precautions and make years of memories on the water!

For warranty questions regarding heat-related failures and other issues, please visit our Warranty Page.

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