What to Wear Paddle Boarding? Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

What to Wear Paddle Boarding? Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

For water sports enthusiasts, stand up paddle boarding offers a fun and unique way to connect with nature. But "what to wear paddle boarding" and "what shoes to wear stand up paddle boarding"? are common questions. From the sun's heat to a sudden downpour, the weather can be unpredictable, and the proper attire can make or break your experience. In this guide, you'll find recommendations for every scenario and a few essentials to ensure you're ready, come rain or shine.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding When it's Hot?

You wonder what to wear paddle boarding in summer? Think lightweight and breathable when the sun is shining. Quick-drying shorts or leggings paired with a UV-resistant rash guard and water-resistant activewear are the answer, which will offer protection without compromising comfort.

Remember, stand up paddle boarding, what to wear can vary, but in summer, less is more, as long as you're shielded from the sun. You can also dive into the water from your SUP to cool off, and always use waterproof UV protection sunscreen. It's recommended to paddle board barefoot in summer.

What to Wear paddle boarding when it's Chilling

As temperatures drop, paddle boarding in colder months requires the right gear.

First off, you'll want to snag yourself a wetsuit or drysuit. Wetsuits are cool because they trap a thin layer of water between the suit and your skin, and your body heats it up. Drysuits are another level; they keep you totally dry and are generally even warmer.

Don't skimp on thermal layers if you're going for the wetsuit or drysuit. Fleece is your friend here—it keeps the heat in like a champ. And neoprene gloves and booties can keep your digits toasty warm.

Remember, cold water and air temperatures can be dangerous if you're not properly equipped, so always prioritize safety when choosing your gear for chilly paddle boarding.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding When it's Windy

If you're looking to hit the water but notice the wind's picking up, no worries, I got you! A windbreaker or lightweight jacket will be your best friend, shielding you from gusts without taking away your focus from the waves.

To keep your hat from becoming a fish's souvenir, make sure it's secured tightly on your head. And believe it or not, windproof underwear exists! It offers fantastic extra protection against the wind, so consider pairing it with your windbreaker for an even more comfortable experience on the water.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding When it's Raining

If you're eager to paddle through those raindrops, start with a waterproof jacket and pants to keep you dry in case of unexpected showers. Underneath, wear quick-drying base layers made from fabrics like polyester or nylon to avoid that soggy feeling. Don't forget water-wicking socks; trust me, your toes will thank you. Lastly, a waterproof bag is a must-have for keeping your phone, keys, and snacks dry while you enjoy the water.

Essentials Must-Have when SUPing

Before discussing fashion and comfort, safety should always be the priority. Remember that paddle boards are recognized as vessels by the US Coast Guard. Thus:

  • Always wear a leash.
  • Have a USCG-approved life jacket with you. Kids under 12 years are mandated to wear it at all times while on a paddle board, except SUP surfing.
  • Emergency SUP Whistle: Have it handy for safety.
  • For personal flotation: Compact life jackets can be fastened around your waist for convenience and ease.

Great add-on

  • Dry Pouch: Keeps spare clothes and valuables dry.
  • Snap-On Kayak Seat: Turns your SUP into a kayak effortlessly.
  • Insulated Bag: For snacks and drinks on the water.
  • Rolling iSUP Bag: A bag with wheels for easy transport.
  • Waterproof Phone Cover: Protects your phone from water.
  • Mini SUP Anchor: Useful for SUP yoga and fishing.

What Shoes to Wear Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Your feet need some love, too, and are you considering what to wear on feet paddle boarding? The type of shoes you choose depends on the weather and water conditions. Here are some options:

  • Water Shoes: These are ideal for paddle boarding as they provide foot protection, drain water effectively, and have anti-slip rubber soles.
  • Sandals: A breathable option that provides protection. Make sure they offer good traction.
  • Barefoot: This is perfect for warm weather and offers a direct feel of the board. However, in rocky terrains, shoes are recommended.

In colder weather, neoprene booties are a must-have as they keep your feet warm and dry quickly in case you fall.

Dressing for Special Scenarios

You should wear appropriate clothing for safety and comfort in some special paddle board activities.

What To Wear For SUP Yoga

Opt for stretchy, form-fitting attire like yoga leggings and sports bras. Ensure materials are quick-drying and avoid anything too loose.

  • For Women: Opt for a bikini or one-piece bathing suit, a rash guard, and hot yoga clothing.
  • For Men: Board shorts, a rash guard, and water-resistant yoga wear are ideal.

What To Wear For Whitewater & River SUP

Safety should be your top priority when engaging in water activities. Make sure to wear a helmet, personal flotation device, sturdy wetsuit, and robust water shoes.

What To Wear For SUP Fishing

Choose cargo shorts or pants equipped with pockets to carry your equipment effortlessly. Ensure your comfort by wearing a moisture-wicking shirt and vest.

Paddle Boarding in Open Oceans

Make sure to prioritize visibility by choosing a bright-colored rash guard. In colder waters, ensure your safety by wearing a snug wetsuit and a leash.

Night-time Paddle Boarding

Reflective gear is crucial. Equip yourself with a headlamp to Illuminate your path. Don reflective gear, sport a headlamp and make sure your board is well-lit.

To wrap up, paddle boarding is all about harmonizing with the waves. Whether pondering your summer stand-up paddle boarding attire or gearing up for a fall session, being prepared is key. Now that you know what to wear while paddle boarding. How about expanding on your experience further? Dive into iROCKER's diverse collection and make waves like never before.


  1. Can I wear regular sneakers while paddle boarding?

While possible, it could be better. Water shoes or sandals offer better grip and drainage.

  1. What's the difference between a rash guard and a regular shirt?

Rash guards are designed to prevent chafing, offer UV protection, and dry quickly.

  1. How often should I reapply sunscreen when on a paddle board?

Every 2 hours or immediately after excessive sweating or swimming.

  1. Is it safe to paddle board in the rain?

Light rain is generally safe and adds to the fun, but always be cautious of strong winds, lightning, or rough waters. Keep yourself trained and put safety first. Enjoy the ride!

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