Ultimate Guide to Your Paddle Boarding Windsor Adventure

Ultimate Guide to Your Paddle Boarding Windsor Adventure

Nestled at the edge of the Detroit River, Windsor blends urban energy with the calm of nature. As the southernmost city in Canada, it offers a unique mix of Canadian warmth and a touch of American zest, given its proximity to Detroit, Michigan. As you traverse across magical rivers and majestic lakes, the unparalleled experience of paddle boarding Windsor unfolds. Whether you're up for a lively paddle along the Detroit River with city views and landmarks like the Ambassador Bridge, or you're chasing the peace found on the waters of Cedar Creek Conservation Area, Windsor has it all. Let’s delve into the details of each location.

1. Detroit River

The Detroit River is a popular spot for paddle boarding Windsor, connecting Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie. It marks the border between Canada and the USA, offering stunning views of Windsor and Detroit. With its flowing water, the river is perfect for those who've got a bit of paddle boarding experience under their belt and are looking for a mix of city views and nature.

Detroit River
  • Water Type: Freshwater, flowing.
  • Skill Level: Best for intermediate to advanced paddlers.
  • Launch Points: Choose from Dieppe Gardens, Riverfront Festival Plaza, McKee Park, or Peche Island Ferry Dock.
  • Amenities: You'll find public restrooms, parking, picnic areas, bike racks, and you can rent paddle boards or join tours with companies like Windsor Adventure Inc. and Urban Surf Co.
  • Fee: No charge to access the water, but renting gear or joining a tour will cost you.
  • Best Feature: Paddling here means you get to see the Ambassador Bridge and Belle Isle Park against the backdrop of the city skyline.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: It's a quick trip to the closest launch point, Dieppe Gardens, just 10 minutes by car or 25 minutes if you're biking.

The mix of urban and natural scenery is something special. Plus, with several places to launch your board and no entry fee, it's easy to get started. Whether you're cruising under the Ambassador Bridge or exploring around Belle Isle Park, it's a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the river, with the convenience of city amenities close by.

2. Lake Erie

Embark on a grand paddle boarding saga on the magnificent Lake Erie, a part of the world-renowned Great Lakes system. Challenge yourself against the restless waves, find peace in the lake's serene corners, or explore its biodiversity.

Lake Erie

As the warmest and most biologically active of the Great Lakes, it promises diverse experiences that fuel your passion for paddle boarding.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, can be still or choppy.
  • Skill Level: Welcoming all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.
  • Launch Points: Start from Colchester Harbour, Cedar Beach, Point Pelee National Park, or Wheatley Provincial Park.
  • Amenities: You'll find public restrooms, parking, camping options, fishing spots, and boating facilities. Plus, paddle board rentals and tours are available at places like Colchester Harbour Rentals and Pelee Wings Nature Store.
  • Fee: Some spots may ask for a park entrance fee or parking fee.
  • Best Feature: The lake's natural beauty is unmatched. Paddle out to Pelee Island, watch birds at Point Pelee National Park, or just enjoy the peaceful sunsets and starry nights.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: The nearest launch point, Colchester Harbour, is about a 40-minute drive away.

3. Lake St. Clair

Set between the borders of Ontario and Michigan, Lake St. Clair invites you into a paddle boarding paradise. Venture across its vast, clear waters, seek out hidden coves, or simply float and observe the world from the lake's heart.

Paddle Boarding Windsor Lake St. Clair

With its harmonious blend of tranquillity and adventure, the lake offers paddle boarders smooth rides along its sandy beaches and a chance to explore its fascinating islands and abundant wildlife.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, typically still.
  • Skill Level: Great for beginners and intermediate paddlers.
  • Launch Points: Access the lake from Belle River Marina, Lakeview Park, St. Clair Shores, or Lake St. Clair Metropark.
  • Amenities: Expect public restrooms, parking, picnic areas, playgrounds, and trails. For those without their own board, paddle board rentals and tours are available through Belle River Marina Rentals and Great Lakes Surf Shop.
  • Fee: Some launch points may charge a park entrance fee or parking fee.
  • Best Feature: The lake's clarity and tranquility are unmatched. Paddle out to Harsens Island or admire the historic Lake St. Clair Lighthouse.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: The closest launch point, Belle River Marina, is about a 30-minute drive away.

4. Peche Island

Peche Island, nestled in the Detroit River's heart, is a secret treasure awaiting adventurous paddlers. Paddle through the island's calm water trails, discover its rich array of aquatic life, or simply enjoy the peaceful solitude that surrounds you.

Lake St. Clair

Whether circling the island to admire its flora and fauna or landing to wander its trails and ruins, paddle boarders are treated to a unique adventure that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, flowing.
  • Skill Level: Best for those with intermediate to advanced skills, due to the current and wind conditions.
  • Launch Point: Access the island via the Peche Island Ferry Dock, located at the foot of Riverside Drive East and Riverdale Avenue.
  • Amenities: At the launch point, you'll find public restrooms, parking, and ferry service. Remember, the island itself is quite rustic with no amenities, so bring your own supplies.
  • Fee: The ferry to the island costs $5 per person for a round trip.
  • Best Feature: Peche Island's allure lies in its untouched natural beauty and the ruins of the Hiram Walker summer home. Paddling around, you'll get a sense of the island's rich history while enjoying the company of deer, foxes, turtles, and birds.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: It's about a 15-minute drive or a 35-minute bike ride to the ferry dock from Windsor.

5. River Canard

River Canard is a picturesque river flowing into the Detroit River near the town of LaSalle with a serene and scenic paddle boarding experience just outside Windsor. The tranquil river winds through lush farmland, dense forests, and vibrant wetlands, providing a peaceful escape for paddle boarders of all skill levels.

River Canard

Its gentle flow and rich biodiversity make it an ideal spot for those looking to immerse themselves in nature while paddle boarding Windsor.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, flowing.
  • Skill Level: Suitable for beginners to intermediate paddlers.
  • Launch Point: Set off from River Canard Park, located at the end of Malden Road.
  • Amenities: The launch area includes public restrooms, parking, picnic areas, and a boat ramp. For equipment needs, paddle board rentals and tours are available through local operators like River Canard Outfitters and River Canard Canoe Co.
  • Fee: Access to the water is free; however, there are fees for rentals and guided tours.
  • Best Feature: The river's calm waters are its main attraction, along with the opportunity to paddle under the historic wooden River Canard Bridge and spot local wildlife such as beavers, muskrats, ducks, and herons.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: Approximately a 20-minute drive.

6. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay, a hidden gem on the north shore of Lake Erie near Windsor, is a paddle boarder's paradise known for its crystal-clear waters and sandy bottom. With its breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding nature, Crystal Bay's allure lies in its waters, making it a must-visit for paddle boarding Windsor area.

Crystal Bay

Whether you're gliding over the shallow reefs teeming with aquatic life or simply enjoying the sunset over Lake Erie, Crystal Bay provides an irresistible paddle boarding experience.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, can be still or choppy depending on weather conditions.
  • Skill Level: Welcoming to all, from beginners to advanced.
  • Launch Point: Crystal Bay Beach, located at the end of Seacliff Drive.
  • Amenities: Basic amenities include public restrooms and parking. The beach is a lovely spot for relaxation before or after your paddle.
  • Fee: No fee to access the bay.
  • Best Feature: The bay's clear water and sandy bottom make it an ideal location for paddle boarding Windsor, offering stunning underwater views and pleasant conditions for paddling.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: About a 45-minute drive.

7. Little River Corridor

The Little River Corridor, a lush green space in the east end of Windsor, offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for paddle boarding. Following the path of the Little River, a tributary of the Detroit River, this area is an urban oasis that winds through parks, golf courses, and residential neighborhoods.

Paddle Boarding Windsor Little River Corridor

It's a perfect spot for paddle boarders in Windsor seeking a tranquil paddle close to home, with gentle waters that are ideal for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, flowing.
  • Skill Level: Ideal for beginners to intermediate paddlers.
  • Launch Point: The Little River Park, at the corner of Little River Road and Riverdale Avenue.
  • Amenities: You'll find public restrooms, parking, picnic areas, and a boat ramp here, making it easy to start your paddle boarding Windsor adventure.
  • Fee: No fee to access the river.
  • Best Feature: The corridor's urban oasis vibe is its main attraction, offering a calm and relaxing paddle through scenic landscapes right in Windsor. It's a chance to enjoy the greenery and serenity of the river amidst the city.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: Just a 15-minute drive or a 30-minute bike ride from most parts of Windsor.

8. Holiday Beach Conservation Area

Holiday Beach Conservation Area is a haven for those looking to enjoy paddle boarding near Windsor, with its easy access to Lake Erie's waters and the additional allure of exploring the nearby Big Creek Marsh.

Paddle Boarding Windsor Holiday Beach Conservation Area

The conservation area provides a beautiful setting for paddle boarding and a range of other activities, where paddlers can enjoy a day trip or a weekend getaway. Whether you're paddling along the coast, watching for migratory birds, or immersing in the sunset over the lake, Holiday Beach Conservation Area offers an unmatched outdoor experience.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, can be still or choppy depending on the weather.
  • Skill Level: Suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced.
  • Launch Point: The beach within the Holiday Beach Conservation Area.
  • Amenities: Facilities include public restrooms, parking, camping, fishing, boating, and birdwatching. Paddle board rentals and tours are also available from local operators like Holiday Beach Rentals and Big Creek Eco Adventures.
  • Fee: There's a park entrance fee of $4 per person or $15 per vehicle.
  • Best Feature: The beach itself and the adjacent Big Creek Marsh are the main attractions, offering stunning views and a rich biodiversity that's perfect for nature lovers. The area is one of North America's most important stopover sites for migratory birds, adding a unique element to paddle boarding outings.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: About a 40-minute drive.

9. Cedar Creek Conservation Area

Cedar Creek Conservation Area stands out as a quiet retreat for paddle boarding Windsor, inviting visitors to explore the natural beauty and peaceful waters of Cedar Creek.

Paddle Boarding Windsor Cedar Creek Conservation Area

The conservation area, characterized by its lush wetlands, sprawling forests, and the meandering Cedar Creek, is an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful paddle boarding experience away from the city's hustle. It's a haven for wildlife observation, offering a close encounter with nature's tranquility and beauty while paddle boarding in the Windsor area.

  • Water Type: Freshwater, mostly still with gentle flows in certain sections.
  • Skill Level: Perfect for beginners and intermediate paddlers.
  • Launch Point: Access to the creek is available from designated points within the conservation area.
  • Amenities: The area is equipped with hiking trails, picnic areas, and public restrooms, providing a comfortable visit for paddle boarders and other visitors. While there are no on-site paddle board rentals, the amenities support a bring-your-own-equipment approach.
  • Fee: No fee is required for access, making it an affordable destination for all.
  • Best Feature: The conservation area's diverse ecosystems, including wetlands and forests, offer a unique backdrop for paddle boarding. The opportunity to glide through calm waters surrounded by nature makes for a memorable experience.
  • Time to Get There from Windsor: Approximately a 30-minute drive, making it an easily accessible spot for a day trip.

Choosing the Right SUP Board for Windsor's Waters

To truly harness the charm of Windsor's diverse water bodies, selecting the right stand-up paddle board is of the utmost importance. Inflatable SUP boards, like the ones from iROCKER, offer exceptional durability and versatility, making them perfect for Windsor's waters.

Choosing the Right SUP Board for Windsor's Waters

They provide the stability needed for a leisurely ride on calm waters and possess the strength to tackle the choppier waves, ensuring a safe and joyous paddle boarding venture.

Safety and Precaution When Paddle Boarding in Windsor

Embracing Windsor's paddle boarding adventures requires not only a spirit of exploration but also a commitment to paddle board safety.

  • Equipped with a suitable life jacket and knowledge of water safety principles, you can freely revel in the thrill.
  • Respecting local wildlife and preserving the environment enriches your paddle boarding experience, ensuring it is as rewarding as it is responsible.

So, gear up, dive in, and relish Windsor's waters, all while keeping safety and sustainability at the forefront.

Your Waterborne Adventure Awaits!

Unlock a world of waterborne wonder in Windsor, Ontario - a paradise for paddle board enthusiasts. Paddle boarding Windsor is a thrilling playground for paddle board enthusiasts. So, with iROCKER, seize your SUP board, grab your safety gear, and dive headfirst into the adventure today!

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