Paddle Boarding PEI: 10 Best Spots in Prince Edward Island

Paddle Boarding PEI: 10 Best Spots in Prince Edward Island

Discover the joys of paddle boarding in PEI (Prince Edward Island), the place that has stunning beaches and peaceful rivers and stands as a hidden gem for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced paddler, the island’s diverse and beautiful locations offer something special for everyone. Join us as we explore the top 10 places for paddle boarding in PEI, showcasing the island’s natural beauty and offering an unforgettable experience on the water. Let’s dive into these amazing spots and see what makes paddle boarding PEI so special.

1. Cavendish Beach

Cavendish Beach, with its calm, shallow waters, is a delightful spot to set off on a paddle boarding adventure. As you paddle along the coastline, there are alluring sights awaiting you - the vibrant red sands, the lush green cliffs, and landmarks of blue water.

Cavendish Beach

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The contrast of the red sand against the lush green cliffs and blue ocean waters creates a breathtaking backdrop, enriching your adventure. With essential amenities available, Cavendish Beach offers a comfortable and enjoyable day for paddle boarders of all ages and skill levels. It is also renowned for its literary connection to 'Anne of Green Gables', which makes Cavendish Beach a special place for a memorable paddle boarding experience.

  • Time to get there: Take 40 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Ocean, shallow and warm.
  • Skills: Ideal for beginners and family-friendly.
  • Launch points: Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone or Shining Waters Family Fun Park.
  • Amenities: Near the main beach entrance, visitors can find safe parking, accessible washrooms, and showers. Scattered picnic areas around the beach offer ideal spots for relaxation.
  • Unique feature: The stunning visual combination of red sand, green cliffs, and blue water.

2. Rustico Bay

Rustico Bay is a large bay on the north shore of PEI, with several small islands, coves, and inlets to explore that appeals to paddlers of all levels.

As you paddle through Rustico Bay, you're greeted with stunning views of rolling hills and quaint fishing villages, adding a unique charm to your experience. Whether you're gliding gently along the coastline or exploring the numerous coves and inlets, Rustico Bay provides an authentic and serene paddling experience that combines the essence of paddle boarding PEI.

  • Time to get there: It takes 30 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Bay, calm and clear.
  • Skills: Suitable for all levels.
  • Launch points: Rustico Harbour, North Rustico Beach, or Robinsons Island.
  • Unique feature: Breathtaking views of rolling hills and charming fishing villages.

3. Brudenell River Provincial Park

Brudenell River Provincial Park in Prince Edward Island located a mere 50 minutes from Charlottetown, is a picturesque escape into the heart of nature.

Rustico Bay

The Brudenell River, with its calm, deep, and wide waters, offers an idyllic setting for paddlers seeking a tranquil experience. As you paddle along the river, you're greeted by a peaceful mix of green forests and meadows. Originally made for paddle boarding, the park offers a variety of other activities as well. For those who seek a longer outdoor adventure, the camping spots, cozy cottages, golf courses, and a restaurant here are awaits. Brudenell River Provincial Park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the peaceful and scenic side of paddle boarding PEI.

  • Time to get there: 50 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: River, calm, deep, and wide.
  • Skills: Suitable for all levels.
  • Launch points: Park’s marina or Brudenell River Resort.
  • Amenities: A 25-site RV park with Wi-Fi, wooded tent sites, cozy cottages, two 18-hole championship golf courses, and various dining options, all within easy reach from the main entrance.
  • Unique features: Lush forests, grassy meadows, winding river.

4. St. Peters Bay

St. Peters Bay is an expansive bay that connects to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait, presenting a dynamic paddling environment. As you glide across the waters of St. Peters Bay, you're treated to a mix of calm and occasionally choppy conditions, perfect for paddle boarders who appreciate a bit of variety.

The bay opens up to the breathtaking Greenwich Peninsula, a part of the PEI National Park known for its pristine beaches, lush dunes, and scenic trails. For nature lovers and bird watchers, the bay offers an unforgettable paddle boarding PEIexperience as the water is smooth, deep, and blue, and the views are spectacular.

  • Time to get there: 40 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Bay, a mix of calm and choppy conditions
  • Skills: Suitable for all levels.
  • Launch points: St. Peters Landing or Greenwich Beach.
  • Amenities: None, offering an unspoiled natural experience.
  • Unique feature: Access to the Greenwich Peninsula and part of the PEI National Park.

5. Basin Head Provincial Park

Basin Head Provincial Park, with its stunning white sand beach, charming bridge, and vibrant lagoon, offers a lively and delightful paddle boarding experience.\

Basin Head Provincial Park

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The area boasts waters that are both warm and clear, with a shallow depth that accommodates everyone from first-time paddlers to experts. As you launch your board from the beach or the bridge, you can explore the tranquil lagoon, a habitat teeming with fish, seaweed, and sandpipers, adding an element of nature watching to your adventure. The beach itself is a paddle boarding PEI hub of activity, buzzing with energy and vibrancy.

  • Time to get there: Approximately 80 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Ocean, warm, clear, and shallow.
  • Skills: Ideal for all levels, from beginners to seasoned paddlers.
  • Launch points: Beach or the bridge in the park.
  • Amenities: Washrooms, showers, changing rooms, and a snack bar are conveniently located at the park's main entrance, with picnic tables nearby for easy access and relaxation.
  • Unique feature: Vibrant lagoon with rich marine life and lively beach atmosphere.
  • Additional Services: Guided tours are available from Basin Head Paddle.

6. North Rustico Harbour

North Rustico Harbour is a historical and picturesque harbour offering a unique blend of calm and exposed waters that paddlers of all skill levels will find ideal. In contrast, the adjacent open waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence present a more challenging and exhilarating adventure for more experienced boarders.

As you navigate the waters of North Rustico Harbour, you're greeted with the iconic scenery of PEI—red cliffs, charming lighthouses, and traditional fishing boats dotting the coastline. The harbour offers convenient launch points, both from within the harbour itself and from the nearby North Rustico Beach.

  • Time to get there: 30 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Combination of calm harbour and exposed ocean waters.
  • Skills: Suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced paddlers.
  • Launch points: North Rustico Harbour or North Rustico Beach.
  • Amenities: Limited, focusing on the natural and authentic paddling experience.
  • Unique feature: Picturesque views of red cliffs, lighthouses, and traditional fishing boats.

7. Murray Harbour

Enveloped by beautiful farmland and lush woodlands, Murray Harbour offers a peaceful retreat for paddle boarders. The calm waters of the harbour and the gentle flow of this place provide an ideal setting for paddlers of all skill levels and ages.

Murray Harbour

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As you paddle through Murray Harbour, you become immersed in the essence of rural paddle boarding PEI, with its scenic beauty and abundant wildlife. The area is a haven for nature lovers, offering sightings of ducks, geese, and beavers, adding a delightful aspect of wildlife watching to your paddle boarding experience. The gentle pace of life and the unspoiled natural surroundings in Murray Harbour create an environment where you can truly disconnect and enjoy the tranquillity of the water.

  • Time to get there: 70 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Calm harbour and serene river waters.
  • Skills: Ideal for paddlers of all levels.
  • Launch points: Murray Harbour Wharf or Beach Point Provincial Park.
  • Unique feature: Breathtaking views of rural landscapes and abundant wildlife.

8. Northumberland Strait

The Northumberland Strait, a breathtaking and inviting body of water, is a jewel in the crown of paddle boarding PEI and is also famous for having some of the warmest waters in Canada.

Starting from Charlottetown or any other place, each trip to the strait reveals a different, stunning landscape perfect for paddle boarders at all skill levels. Along the adventure, the shoreline presents a serene backdrop, complete with picturesque beaches, quaint cottages, and captivating lighthouses. A highlight of paddle boarding in the Northumberland Strait is the breathtaking sunsets. They paint the sky with bright, beautiful colours, making your experience even more magical.

  • Water type: Warm and scenic strait.
  • Skills: Ideal for all levels of paddle boarders.
  • Launch points: Various, including Wood Islands, Argyle Shore, or Chelton Beach.
  • Unique feature: Exceptional sunset views and warm waters.

9. Victoria-by-the-Sea

Victoria-by-the-Sea, nestled on Prince Edward Island's south shore, captivates paddle boarding enthusiasts with its charm and serene waters. The calm harbour and adjacent ocean waters welcome paddle boarders of all skill levels, inviting them to explore and enjoy at their leisure.


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Launching from Victoria Harbour or Victoria Beach, you can immerse yourself in the tranquil environment, perfect for a peaceful paddle boarding session. The village's charm enhances your experience, with the opportunity to navigate around the Tryon Shoal or simply soak in the sights of the quaint lighthouse, chocolate factory, and local theatre. It's an experience that beautifully blends paddle boarding with a taste of local culture and history.

  • Time to get there: 30 minutes from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Calm harbour and ocean waters.
  • Skills: Ideal for all paddle boarding levels.
  • Launch points: Victoria Harbour or Victoria Beach.
  • Unique feature: The village's ancient atmosphere features a lighthouse, chocolate factory, and theatre.

10. Covehead Bay

Covehead Bay, located a mere 20 minutes from Charlottetown, is part of the renowned PEI National Park and a must-visit for paddle boarding enthusiasts. Setting out on your paddle boarding adventure in this large and shallow bay, the breathtaking scenery of the sand dunes and the famous Covehead Lighthouse will captivate you.

The bay offers a tranquil atmosphere ideal for a calm paddling experience, enabling you to smoothly sail across the water and absorb the area's natural charm. For a more lively experience, you can head out to Covehead Harbour, which bustles with fishing boats, sailboats, and tour boats, adding a dynamic element to your adventure.

  • Time to get there: A brief 20-minute journey from Charlottetown.
  • Water type: Bay and ocean, calm and clear.
  • Skills: Suitable for all paddle boarding levels.
  • Launch points: Covehead Wharf or Stanhope Beach.
  • Unique feature: Stunning views of sand dunes and Covehead Lighthouse.

After paddling your way through the top paddle boarding destinations in PEI, each offering its own unique charm and beauty, it's time to consider where to unwind and rest after a day out on the water.

Where to Stay While Paddle Boarding PEI?

Planning a paddle boarding adventure in Prince Edward Island is also about choosing the right place to stay and relax after paddle boarding PEI all day. From cozy campsites to luxurious resorts, here are some excellent choices:

  • Cavendish Bosom Buddies: A family-friendly resort, located near the scenic Cavendish Beach, offers well-equipped cottages and suites. Guests can enjoy ocean views, full kitchens, and fireplaces. It includes a heated pool, a playground, and a fire pit, perfect for unwinding after a day of paddle boarding.
  • Dalvay by the Sea: Situated on a sprawling 120-acre estate overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence and close to Brudenell River Provincial Park, this historic and elegant hotel is a dream for nature lovers and paddle boarders. Guests can enjoy amenities like a restaurant, a tennis court, and bike rentals.
  • The Gables of PEI: For a touch of luxury, The Gables of PEI, near Rustico Bay, offers a unique experience. This resort features villas and townhouses equipped with modern amenities like hot tubs, fireplaces, and BBQs. It is an ideal location for those looking to explore the diverse paddle boarding opportunities at Rustico Bay. The resort also boasts a golf course, a pool, and a fitness center, and provides rental and tour services through Outside Expeditions and Paddle PEI.

Each of these accommodations ensures that your paddle boarding PEI trip is comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable.

Paddle Boarding in PEI

Paddle boarding in PEI is an exhilarating adventure and a profound way to connect with nature's pristine beauty. Each paddle boarding spot in PEI, from Canvendish Beach to Covehead Bay, is a gateway to unique experiences, ensuring that each venture is as enriching and memorable as the ones before.

For the optimal experience, consider iROCKER paddle boards, with their dependability and flexibility, perfectly suited for the diverse waters of PEI. Seize an iROCKER paddle board now and launch into your thrilling paddle boarding PEI escapade. The waves of adventure are calling – answer with your paddle in hand!