Paddle Board Storage: Hard & Inflatable [Tips and Tricks]

Paddle Board Storage: Hard & Inflatable [Tips and Tricks]

So, you’ve caught the paddle boarding thrill, and who can blame you? Whether you're conquering river rapids or riding ocean waves, paddle boarding gives you an exhilarating connection with nature. But how do you keep your treasured paddle board in the best condition when you're not making waves? That's exactly what we'll dive into here. Let's talk all things paddle board storage!

Hard Paddle Boards Storage

Welcome to the world of hard paddle boards, where the debate between indoor and outdoor storage has always been lively.

Indoor vs Outdoor Storage for Paddle Board

Every stand up paddle deserves the best care off the water.

Storing your board indoors provides a controlled environment away from the harsh elements. The garage is often a fantastic choice—more on how to store paddle boards in garage later! Outdoor storage, while space-efficient, exposes your board to the weather and should involve weatherproof covers and consistent UV protection to fend off the potential damages from sun, rain, or snow.

Popular Hard Paddle Board Storage Solutions

We've handpicked some of the most popular storage solutions for passionate paddlers to ensure your board remains in the best condition for the next journey on the water.

1. Wall Racks

A marriage of practicality and style, wall racks are a favourite among paddle boarding lovers.

Designed to mount directly on your wall, they utilize vertical space, keeping your board off the floor and reducing clutter. If you're pondering how to store a stand up paddle board without compromising space or aesthetics, a wall rack is your answer since it also showcases its design.

2. Ceiling Racks

Elevate your storage game—literally! Ceiling racks are a godsend for those looking to maximize ground space. By suspending your board from the ceiling, you can ensure it remains undamaged and out of the way. Especially ideal for those with multiple boards or limited floor space, ceiling racks provide a unique solution combining efficiency and innovation.

3. Freestanding Racks

Freestanding racks are the champions of paddle board storage and boasting flexibility and robustness. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they allow easy relocation based on your needs. Whether you have a single board or an entire collection, these sturdy racks accommodate your needs.

How to Store Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable paddle boards, these lightweight wonders have brought a new dimension to water-sport activities. But how do you store inflatable paddle boards properly to ensure their longevity?

Deflated Storage Vs Inflated Storage for SUP

One pressing question many paddlers grapple with is: Can you leave a paddle board inflated?

The short answer is yes, for short periods, especially if you're frequently hitting the waters.

  • Deflated Storage

Perfect for those who paddle sporadically, deflated storage is space-efficient and maintains the integrity of the board. It conserves space and ensures the integrity of the board's materials.

  • Inflated Storage

On the flip side, if you're an avid paddler and use your board multiple times a week, keeping it inflated might be more convenient.

Yet, always bear in mind: If choosing to keep your board inflated for convenience, periodically check the air pressure and store it away from direct sunlight to prevent potential damage. Ultimately, the key is providing a safe and protective environment for your board, whether inflated or deflated.

Ideal Storage Conditions for Inflatables

For those passionate about water sports, keeping your board in pristine condition helps extend its lifespan; hence, storing it under optimal conditions is essential.

  • Stable temperatures:

Aim for a space with a consistent temperature, ideally between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Avoid direct sunlight:

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can fade and weaken the board. Always ensure your board is stored in a shaded location or under a UV-resistant cover.

  • Keep it dry:

Ensure your board is dry before storage to prevent mold and mildew. A ventilated area works best.

  • Elevate:

Storing off the ground prevents damage from moisture or pests.

  • Sharp objects are a no-go:

Even though inflatables are durable, they're not immune to punctures. Ensure the storage area is free from sharp objects or potential hazards.

  • Fold, don't roll tightly:

When deflated, fold your board loosely. Over time, tightly rolling can strain the seams and lead to leaks.

Seasonal Considerations

As seasons change, so do the demands for storing your board. Here's a thorough guide to ensure your paddle board gets the seasonal care it deserves:


  • Rainy Season Prep: With spring showers common in many regions, ensure your board is elevated off the ground and covered to avoid water damage.


  • Heat & UV Protection: Intense summer heat and ultraviolet rays can degrade your board's material. Store in a cool, shaded area or use UV-resistant covers.
  • Ventilation: Ensure your storage space is well-ventilated to avoid moisture buildup, which can be more prevalent due to summer storms.


  • Mildew Prevention: As temperatures drop, the risk of mildew increases. Make sure your board is dry before storing.


  • Cold Protection:  Cold can be tough on your board. An indoor or warm storage space will keep it in tip-top shape.
  • Snow & Ice Management: Clear snow and ice promptly to avoid moisture infiltration and potential damage if stored outside.

Adapting to each season's charm ensures your paddle board remains your trusty companion, always ready to ride the waves of another exhilarating adventure!

How to Clean Your Paddle Board Before Tucking It Away

Your board deserves a spa day, too! It's time to delve into a seamless journey on how to store paddle boards in pristine condition by giving them the cleaning love they truly deserve:

  • Initial Splash:

Kick things off by liberally splashing fresh water on your paddle board. This simple gesture waves goodbye to any lingering sand, dirt, and that sneaky salt that could slowly deteriorate your board's material if left unchecked.

  • Deep Dive Cleaning:

Next, combine a dollop of mild soap with lukewarm water for a gentle, thorough cleansing session. This ensures every nook and cranny is free from unwanted residues. Avoid any aggressive chemicals that may compromise the board's texture and finish.

  • Round Two Rinse:

Now, make sure to wash away all traces of the soap. This rinse ensures your board shines brightly and feels as fresh as the morning dew.

  • Drying Delicately:

While it might be tempting to let the sun work its magic, the shade is where your board truly belongs post-clean. Sunlit drying can be a double-edged sword due to UV rays. Instead, find a cool, shaded spot to dry the board entirely.

Thrilling Paddle Board Adventures Await

With your paddle board tucked safely and smartly away, you're all set for years of adventures. As you ride the waves, you'll ride with confidence, knowing your board is always in optimal condition. So whether you're wondering, "Can I leave my inflatable paddle board inflated?" or pondering the ins and outs of paddle board storage, you're ready to be your aquatic steed's ultimate guide.

For those eager to embark on this journey, iROCKER is your companion–a brand that understands your passion for paddle board. Offering top-tier paddle boards designed for every enthusiast, contact us now to elevate your adventures.

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