Paddle Board Kelowna: Everything You Need to Know

Paddle Board Kelowna: Everything You Need to Know

Do you wish to take off and fly over Okanagan Lake with its gleaming blue waters? Paddle Board Kelowna showcases incomparable sights and a unique physical experience. Whether you are an experienced paddler or just a curious beginner, this guide provides everything you need to know about Paddle Board Kelowna.

What Is Interesting In Kelowna?

Exposure to the sun's rays, the quadratic water elements, and the horizon is the view of mountains that sky hug – Kelowna, the best place located in interior British Columbia, Okanagan Valley, is the place where outdoor people coexist with the people relax in a single place. Let us say, you are making your way through Okanagan Lake, the second-longest freshwater lake in Canada, with mountains gleaming with snow as if they were decorated with powdery sugar on top.

What Is Interesting In Kelowna?

It’s a lively city with an open-minded culture. Its downtown core has great restaurants, goodie shops, and fancy bars, offering both daytime and after-hours fun to the public. Whether you are in search of adrenaline-fuelled activities such as hiking and cycling or if you intend to have a chilled-out vacation with lakeside picnics, paddle boarding, and golfing, Kelowna’s withdrawal of everyone’s attention. And to all that, we have added an invitation to bask under the sun’s rays.

Kelowna enjoys more than 2000 hours of sunshine per year, which makes it a terrific location for lying under the sun. Hence, check out Kelowna—a location where anything exciting can happen anytime near all places and some of the best places to paddle board in Kelowna.

4 Best Place to Paddle Board in Kelowna

With all these cool conditions for a paddle, where is the best place to set out in Kelowna this holiday? Here is a list highlighting the top destinations for paddle boarding Kelowna.

1. Kelowna Paddle Trail

The Kelowna Paddle Trail is a 27-kilometer stretch along the shores of Okanagan Lake, designed specifically for paddle enthusiasts. The trail extends from McKinley Beach to Bertram Beach and is far away from the hustle of watercraft. With 22 strategically placed guiding buoys, paddlers can navigate through calm waters, offering a peaceful and constant paddling experience.

Kelowna Paddle Trail
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Water Type: Freshwater Lake
  • Launch Points: McKinley Beach to Bertram Beach
  • Access: There are several public access points at both McKinley and Bertram Beach
  • Amenities: Parking spots are available near launch points. Besides, there are some rest areas allocated along the trail
  • Fee: No fee required
  • Unique Feature: The trail is marked by 22 buoys, which create a separate space free from motorized watercraft. This is an ideal spot for paddlers who want to enjoy the picturesque Kelowna Paddle Trail.

2. Kalamalka Lake

Kalamalka Lake has become famous lately for its amazing turquoise waters, which change color under the sun. That makes all paddle boarders coming to Kalamalka Lake join a visual feast. The water condition in this lake provides an ideal paradise for both beginners, with its clear, calm waters. It was also chosen to be one of the top 10 most beautiful lakes in the world. When you come to Kalamalka Lake, you can enjoy the unique coloration of the lake and play paddle board in a tranquil scene at the same time.

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Water Type: Freshwater Lake
  • Launch Points: Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, Kalavista Boat Launch
  • Access: You can easily public access to the park at designated spots
  • Amenities: There are several conveniences provided for tourists such as picnic areas, restrooms, and nearby shops for rentals
  • Fee: There is no fee for access, but rental costs may vary
  • Unique Feature: The most impressive point that you cannot skip is the colorful turquoise waters of Kalamalka Lake, promising to enhance your paddle boarding experience.

3. Skaha Lake

Skaha Lake has recently been one of the most suggested paddle boards Kelowna because of its gentle waters and scenic vistas. More special, with the warmer water conditions in South Okanagan, Skaha Lake is a perfect spot for paddlers who are craving a great workout with lots of fun. Under the sun’s warmth, SUP enthusiasts can also enjoy the surrounding breathtaking landscapes.

Paddle Board Kelowna Skaha Lake
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Water Type: Freshwater Lake
  • Launch Points: Skaha Lake Park, Sudbury Beach
  • Access: You can easily public access the ample parking in Skaha Lake
  • Amenities: Some amenities are provided for all paddlers in each area including picnic tables, restrooms, and nearby rental facilities
  • Fee: There is no entry fee but remember that rentals are available for a fee
  • Unique Feature: With the comfortable weather of Southern Okanagan, the waters are also warmer and especially, it has a longer paddling season.

4. Rattlesnake Island

If you are an experienced paddler, Rattlesnake Island is a must-visit spot that you cannot miss. Rattlesnake Island lies in the Okanagan Lake and is an intriguing trek located a short distance from the shores of Peachland. For adventures, Rattlesnake Island is an ideal spot as it brings a wild and mysterious vibe from the old myths and legends.

Paddle Board Kelowna Rattlesnake Island

In addition to paddle boarding, paddlers and tourists can wander the path across Okanagan Lake to Rattlesnake Island to enjoy the picturesque scene, clear waters, and variant local wildlife.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Water Type: Freshwater Lake
  • Launch Points: Peachland, accessible by paddle from Antlers Beach
  • Access: You can come there by boat or paddle from the mainland, remember that there is no direct road access
  • Amenities: There is no convenience on the island, but you can find facilities available in Peachland
  • Fee: There is no access fee. However, you should prepare for self-sufficient paddling
  • Unique Feature: Maybe the most impressive feature is home to local legends. This will offer a sense of adventure as the journey to this uninhabited island promises to be an unforgettable remark for you on this trip.

Reasons To Paddle The Kelowna

Check out some cool reasons why you should try paddle board Kelowna.

  1. Center location: As Kelowna is right in the middle of Lake Okanagan, it is a perfect destination to go either north or south. Both directions have their beauty.
  2. Relaxation: Being surrounded by beautiful nature is a good way for you to relax and put all your worries down. This helps you have time for yourself here and now.
  3. Calm water: Though you can't surf on a lake, you can stand up paddle board in the sea or lake in Kelowna. Paddle boarding on calm water is tranquil, which helps you feel peaceful while playing this sport.
  4. Time for family: A stand up paddle board, which can be ridden by a large number of people, is a great way for everyone to bond and enjoy time together. You can have fun and quality time with your whole family on a SUP.

Tips to Paddle Board in Kelowna

Here are some tips for you to have a quality and fun experience when you paddle board Kelowna.

  • Safety First: You should keep life jackets that are rented in safekeeping. Think of, an inflatable PFD instead of one made of stiffer foam, for increased personal comfort.
  • Sun Smarts: Pack sunscreen and wear long-sleeved shirts, shorts, or pants while being outdoors, especially at the height of Okanagan summers.
  • Fuel Up: Your kid may be a little unprepared to fight thirst on the road, and that can be quite bad. Bring some water along with snacks for them to keep themselves hydrated.
  • Board Basics: Choose a board with good quality and suitable for others who are inexperienced or who always bring kids together.
  • Kid-Friendly Fun: Younger children can share a canoe with a parent, while teens can paddle their own canoes to explore the lake.
  • Perfect Paddling Season: Cool and calm weather with warm sunshine has been favorable for sailing and boating on the lake.

Let Your Paddle Board Kelowna Start Now!

Kelowna's clean waters and breathtaking views make for a perfect place where you are sure to experience the most delightful SUP adventure. If you want to have quality time to paddle boards in Kelowna, explore iRocker's extensive range of top-quality inflatable paddle boards right now to get the best experience on the water. Alright then, pick up your board, bask in the Okanagan warmth, and find the power of Paddle Board Kelowna!

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