How Much Are Paddle Boards? How Much Should You Spend?

How Much Are Paddle Boards? How Much Should You Spend?

Paddle boarding, an increasingly popular water sport, combines serenity, exercise, and the joy of being close to nature. As you embark on this journey, a fundamental question arises: how much is paddle board price?

Good inflatable paddle boards from reputable brands generally cost between $900 and $1200, offering advanced features and high-end materials for the best performance. Inexpensive inflatable paddle boards often require manufacturers to cut corners on materials and production due to the challenges and costs of production and distribution. As a result, it can be difficult to find a high-quality board at a retail price of $800 or less. Invest in a board from a reputable brand for the best value and performance.

How Much Is Paddle Board Price Overall?

The overall paddle board price can vary significantly based on several factors. A complete paddle boarding setup, which includes the board, leash, fin, and other necessary accessories, typically ranges from $800 to $2000. These prices are subject to change, and additional costs may include the board's maintenance, storage, and transportation. If you're new to the sport, it's also worth considering the cost of any classes or lessons, about $70 to $120 for each class.

How Much Is Paddle Board Price Overall?

How Much Does a Hard Paddle Board Cost?

Hard paddle boards, also known as epoxy or fibreglass boards, start at around $700 and can go up to $2,000. Factors like material quality, size, and design specificity influence the price. Epoxy boards, known for their durability and performance, involve a labour-intensive manufacturing process and higher shipping fees due to their size and weight. The price depends on the board's size, quality, and construction.

Although ultra-budget models are available online for as little as $250 or $300, their quality may be uncertain for users. On the other hand, high-end hard SUPs can range from $700 to over $1500. High-end performance solid paddle boards, designed for specific purposes such as touring or racing, can cost anywhere from $2,500 onwards. These paddle boards are manufactured with lightweight composites and can cost more than $2,000 USD.

How Much Does an Inflatable Paddle Board Cost?

Inflatable paddle boards provide a budget-friendly option for enthusiasts, their prices typically range from $350 to $1,700. The variation in cost is due to factors such as material quality, design features, and brand reputation. Entry-level boards are more affordable, while high-end models with advanced features like premium construction and enhanced stability can cost more.

Why Is Paddle Board Price So Expensive?

Why Is Paddle Board Price So Expensive?


Inflatable paddle board prices are expensive due to costly materials and skilled handcrafting. They maintain their shape using drop stitch material, which has two sheets connected by small fibres. Cheaper boards use weaker fibres and thinner, stretchier material, resulting in poorly constructed boards. These factors collectively contribute to the higher cost of paddle boards compared to other watercraft, such as kayak:

Complex Manufacturing for Hard Paddle Boards:

  • Involves shaping a contoured foam core.
  • The core is then coated with epoxy resin, requiring precision and skill.

Intricate Process for Inflatable Paddle Boards:

  • Made using specialized drop-stitch fabrics.
  • Assembly requires great precision to maintain a flat, rigid shape.
  • Quality of materials and labour increases costs.

Labor Costs:

  • High-quality inflatable boards are often completely hand-made.
  • The labour-intensive process contrasts with less labour-intensive kayak manufacturing.

Comparison with Kayaks:

  • Kayaks are typically made from molded plastic, less labor-intensive.
  • Molds are a one-time investment with lower ongoing production costs.

Unique SUP Experience:

  • SUP boards offer a different perspective and opportunities compared to kayaking.
  • It is generally lighter than kayaks, appealing to a different set of enthusiasts.

How Much are Cheap Paddle Board? Are They Good?

While affordable paddle board price options exist, particularly in inflatable boards, extreme budget boards (below $300) often compromise quality. These boards may lack durability, rigidity, and performance, leading to a subpar paddle boarding experience. It's crucial to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

How Much Should I Spend on a Paddle Board?

When considering paddle board price, it's crucial to understand how much various types of paddle boards cost. This helps you choose a SUP board that fits your budget and meets your paddling needs. Types include:

How Much Should I Spend on a Paddle Board?

1. Racing Paddle Board Price

Racing paddle boards are designed for speed with minimal resistance. They have a narrow profile and are typically made of lightweight carbon fibre. This lightweight construction, however, comes at a cost: high-quality racing paddle board price ranging from $1,00 to $3,000. The higher price tags are often justified by the boards' advanced hydrodynamic shapes, specialized fin systems, and enhanced performance features that cater to high-speed paddling and agility.

The iROCKER racing paddle boards are priced at only $999.00.0.

2. All-Round Paddle Board Price

The question is, how much is a paddle board that's adaptable to various conditions? All-round paddle boards are the answer. These boards are versatile, offering stability, maneuverability, and speed. They are ideal for beginners and families and suitable for leisure paddling and light surfing. All-round boards feature a wide and stable design, forgiving for new paddlers. The cost for a decent all-around paddle board ranges from $850 over $1700, influenced by factors like construction material, size, and included accessories. These boards balance affordability and versatility, making them popular for those new to the sport.

At iROCKER, the ALL AROUND 11' ULTRA™ 2.0 Inflatable Paddle Board is priced at $1,249.00 while the ALL AROUND 11' Inflatable Paddle Board is priced at $899.00 and is currently on sale for $549.00.

3. Fishing Paddle Board Price

Fishing paddle boards offer stability, ample storage space, and mounts for fishing gear and accessories. They're perfect for anglers who want to take their fishing experience to the water. The fishing paddle board price varies widely, from $700 to $3,000, depending on their level of specialization. High-end fishing paddle boards are constructed with durable materials, offer enhanced stability, and may include additional features like built-in tackle boxes, comfortable seating, and even motor mounts for long-distance travel.

iROCKER offers a range of fishing paddle boards that are priced between $999 and $1400.

4. Yoga Paddle Board Price

Yoga paddle boards are wider and longer than traditional boards, providing a stable platform for yoga on water. They are inflatable and feature soft, grippy deck pads for added comfort and stability. The pricing for yoga paddle boards starts at around $700 to over $1200, offering a balance of quality, stability, and affordability. These boards are not just limited to yoga; their stability and comfort make them suitable for leisure paddling and light fitness routines as well.

Leave your yoga mat at home and take your practice to the water for a challenge. These iROCKER inflatable paddle boards offer the width and stability you need to find balance and flow. The price range for a Yoga Paddle Board is between $200 and $1199.

5. Kids Paddle Board Price

Kids' paddle boards are smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable and mirror the design of adult boards, scaled down for smaller paddlers. Prices for kids' paddle boards generally range from $300 to $700, depending on the quality, design, and materials used. When choosing a paddle board for children, it's crucial to consider the cost and factors like safety, stability, and ease of use to ensure a fun and secure paddling experience for the young ones.

5. Kids Paddle Board Price

The NAUTICAL kid paddle board is currently available for purchase on iROCKER's website for $549.

How to Get the Best Paddle Board at a Good Price?

Consider shopping during sale seasons like paddle board Black Friday to secure a good deal. Look for reputable brands offering discounts or package deals that include essential accessories. Be wary of misleading discounts and prioritize quality and suitability for your paddle boarding needs.

Wrapping up on How Much are Paddle Boards!

Paddle boarding can be a significant investment, but understanding the factors, including knowing the paddle board price and what to look for, can lead you to a board that offers value for money and enhances your experience on the water. Remember, the best paddle board fits both your budget and your paddle boarding aspirations. At iROCKER, we understand that choosing the right paddle board can be challenging, but we're here to help. We offer paddle boards for all levels, with a great balance of durability, performance, and value.