How Many Calories do You Burn Paddle Boarding? All Things Answered

How Many Calories do You Burn Paddle Boarding? All Things Answered

Paddle boarding, not just a fun and rejuvenating water activity, is also an excellent way to burn calories. If you're looking to understand how many calories burned paddle boarding, you're in the right place. Whether you're a SUP enthusiast or a newbie considering this sport, we've got all your questions answered. Let's dive in!

How Many Calories do You Burn Paddle Boarding?

On average, a person burns around 305-430 calories per hour while paddle boarding. However, the exact calorie burn paddle boarding can vary based on the type of SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) you're engaged in.

  • SUP Yoga: This calming yet challenging activity burns approximately 416-540 calories per hour.
  • SUP Touring: An excellent workout, SUP touring can help you burn around 615-708 calories per hour.
  • SUP Racing: This is a high-intensity workout, burning a whopping 713-1,125 calories per hour.
  • SUP Fishing: A relatively relaxing activity, SUP fishing burns around 305-430 calories per hour.
  • SUP on White Water: Engaging in SUP on white water can help you burn about 540-708 calories per hour.
  • Calm Water SUP: Paddling in calm waters can burn around 305-430 calories per hour.
  • SUP Surfing: Riding the waves while paddle boarding can help you burn approximately 400-535 calories per hour.

How Many Calories do You Burn Paddle Boarding?

Let's wrap this up with a table for easy reference:

Activity Calories Burned per Hour
SUP Yoga 416-540
SUP Touring 615-708
SUP Racing 713-1,125
SUP Fishing 305-430
SUP on White Water 540-708
Calm Water SUP 305-430
SUP Surfing 400-535

Can I Paddle Board for Weight Loss Alone?

Yes, paddle boarding is a great activity for weight loss. The calorie burn paddle boarding can significantly contribute to your weight loss journey, as it combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training, helping you shed pounds while also building muscle.

How to Calculate Calories While SUP-ing?

Here's a simple table to calculate the calories burned while SUP based on hours:

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP-ing) isn't just an exhilarating way to connect with water, but it's also an effective calorie burner. Whether you're cruising calm lakes or tackling ocean waves, your body is constantly engaged, from core stabilization to arm movements, ensuring a holistic workout.

How to Calculate Calories While SUP-ing?

To provide a clearer insight into the potential caloric burn, we've crafted a simple table. But remember, the exact number of calories burned can vary based on factors like weight, intensity, and individual metabolism. Here's the table as a preliminary guide:

Hours Spent SUP-ing Calories Burned (average)
1 305-430
2 610-860
3 915-1,290
4 1,220-1,720
5 1,525-2,150


To determine a more personalized estimate, you can use the following formula:

Calories Burned = MET value of SUP-ing (around 3.5 for casual paddling) × your weight in

kg × duration in hours

For instance, if you weigh 70kg and SUP for 2 hours, you would burn approximately:

Calories Burned = 3.5 × 70 × 2 = 490 calories

However, keep in mind this is a general formula and individual results may vary. Always consider factors like the intensity of paddling, water conditions, and your personal fitness level.

Comparing Paddle Boarding with Other Activities

Comparing Paddle Boarding with Other Activities

Comparing paddle boarding with other activities, it stands out as a full-body workout that's not just effective but also enjoyable. According to research, paddle boarding burns more calories than activities like hiking and yoga. It's important to note that the calorie burn from paddle boarding can be higher than that of running or cycling, depending on the intensity of your session.

Here's a comparison of average calorie burns for various activities in an hour for a person weighing around 70 kg (155 lbs):

Activity Calories Burned (average per hour)
Paddle Boarding (casual paddling) 305-430
Paddle Boarding (intense) 500-700
Hiking 430-550
Yoga (general) 180-240
Cycling (moderate pace) 470-560
Running (5 mph) 590-710

Paddle boarding isn't merely about the serenity of gliding on water; it's a dynamic activity that can compete with traditional calorie-burning exercises like running or cycling. The calories burned hinge on factors like intensity, personal metabolism, environmental conditions, and more.

Factors Affecting Calories Burned while SUP-ing

Several factors can affect how many calories you burn during paddle boarding. These include:

Factors Affecting Calories Burned while SUP-ing

1. Intensity of Paddle Boarding

The intensity of paddle boarding is a crucial factor in determining calorie expenditure. Engaging in a leisurely paddle can burn around 305-430 calories per hour, while more aggressive paddling, akin to high-intensity interval training, can significantly raise that figure to approximately 615-708 calories per hour.

2. Individual Metabolism

Your individual metabolism plays a significant role in how many calories you burn during paddle boarding. Genetic factors and muscle mass can lead to varying metabolic rates, with some individuals burning more calories than others at the same level of exertion.

3. Environmental and Water Conditions

Factors such as water currents and wind resistance can dictate energy exertion, potentially increasing calorie burn. For instance, paddling against strong currents or gusty winds may require 20-30% more effort and thus burn more calories.

Calm waters provide less resistance, resulting in fewer calories burned. In contrast, navigating through choppy conditions or strong currents demands greater effort and stability, potentially increasing calorie expenditure by 20-30%.

4. Your Weight and Age

Generally, individuals with higher body weight burn more calories during physical activities. For instance, a person weighing around 155 pounds may burn approximately 436 calories per hour while paddle boarding, whereas someone weighing 185 pounds could burn around 520 calories per hour. Additionally, age can influence calorie burn as metabolic rates tend to slow down with age.

How to Burn More Calories while Paddle Boarding

How to Burn More Calories while Paddle Boarding

To maximize your calorie burn while SUP-ing, consider the following tips:

  • High-Intensity SUP Activities: If you're wondering how many calories paddle boarding burns, know that intensity is key. Taking on more demanding SUP activities, such as racing or white water SUP, can considerably increase your caloric expenditure. Pushing yourself against rapid waters or competing in a race naturally demands more energy and stamina.
  • Duration Matters: Naturally, the longer you stay on the board, the more calories you'll burn. Lengthening your sessions—even by just a few minutes—can lead to a noticeable difference in how many calories you burn while paddle boarding.
  • Diversify Your Routine: Variation can amplify your paddle board calorie burn. Incorporate activities like SUP yoga, which blends the tranquility of yoga with the balancing act of paddle boarding, or try SUP surfing to ride the waves. Each offers unique challenges, ensuring different muscle groups are engaged, and pushing your calorie burn to new heights.
  • Master the Form: Proper technique isn't just about looking professional on the board; it's about efficiency. By maintaining the correct posture and paddle strokes, you ensure that more muscles are actively engaged. This not only leads to a safer SUP experience but also maximizes the answer to "does paddle boarding burn calories?".

Remember, the beauty of paddle boarding is its versatility. Whether you're in it for relaxation or aiming for that top-tier paddle board calorie burn, there's a style and rhythm that'll suit your goals. So, embrace the waves, engage those muscles, and let every paddle stroke take you closer to your fitness aspirations!

Staying Fit with iROCKER

Paddle boarding is a versatile and enjoyable way to burn calories and achieve your fitness goals. By understanding the various factors affecting calories burned paddle boarding, you can maximize your calorie burn and reap the benefits of this fantastic sport. Visit iROCKER to find the perfect SUP gear and start burning those calories today!


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