Touring Paddle Board vs All Around: Which Is Best for You?

Touring Paddle Board vs All Around: Which Is Best for You?


Embarking on the SUP journey, whether as a newcomer or an experienced paddler seeking an upgrade, can be exhilarating. Navigating through the array of touring paddle board vs all around boards may seem daunting. Fear not! Our dynamic guide compares SUP touring paddle board vs all around boards, focusing on performance, versatility, and price, empowering you to make an informed decision with confidence.

Overview of SUP Touring Boards

The touring paddle board has a pointed nose, similar to a kayak, and is best for longer, faster paddles on flat water. The pointed nose of this board is called a displacement hull, and it enhances efficiency and performance. This means that you can paddle straighter (with fewer strokes) and glide smoothly across the water. Touring boards are ideal for those who want to go fast, compete in SUP races, or cover long distances.

Overview of SUP Touring Boards

However, the performance boost comes at the cost of instability and difficulty in balancing, which makes touring boards less maneuverable and stable for beginners. For this reason, they are not the best choice for those who are new to paddle boarding. Moreover, they can be challenging to use in rough water.

The touring shape is great for:

  • Long expeditions and coastal cruises
  • Speed and racing

Here's a concise breakdown of the benefits of choosing a touring shape for your paddleboard:

  1. Exploration and Adventure: If you're an adventure seeker planning longer trips on the water, the touring shape is perfect. It's designed for extended, fast-paced flat-water paddles.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Serious paddlers aiming for efficient point-to-point travel will appreciate the touring shape. Its pointed nose (also known as a displacement hull) ensures higher efficiency and performance.
  3. Next-Level Challenge: Once you've mastered the balance of an all-around SUP, a touring board offers the next level of challenge. With varying width, volume, and design features, it's ideal for those seeking more excitement!

Overview of All-Around Boards

The all around paddle board has a round nose, also called a planing hull, and is primarily designed for cruising on lakes, rivers, and SUP surfing. The board has a slight rocker, meaning its nose is slightly raised out of the water. As a result, it pushes water down and lifts the nose, making it a perfect board to handle waves or chop that may come your way.

Overview of All-Around Boards

The all around shape is wider than the touring board, making it simpler to balance and maneuver. This is one of the reasons why it is an excellent option for beginners. However, due to the wider, bulkier hull at the front of the board and the overall size of the all-around boards, they are not the best choice for long-distance paddling or speed.

The versatile design is ideal for :

  • Recreational paddle boarding
  • SUP surfing
  • SUP yoga
  • SUP fishing
  • Lakes, bays, rivers, and the ocean

Why Choose an All Around Shape for Your SUP?

  1. Leisurely Paddling: If you simply want to enjoy a relaxed paddle on calm waters (like lakes, bays, or oceans) with friends, the all-around shape is your best bet. Plus, its wider planing hull lets you bring your furry companions along!
  2. Beginner-Friendly: All-around boards are perfect for beginners. They’re great for leisurely paddling and allow you to advance your skills over time.
  3. Versatile Activities: Whether you’re into yoga, fishing, or SUP surfing, the all-around shape has you covered. It handles flat water paddling and can take on rougher conditions with waves and bumps. So, go from paddling your local spot to a peaceful yoga session effortlessly!

Comparing Touring Paddle Board vs All-Around

Let's delve into the specifics, comparing touring paddle board vs all around across four key dimensions:

Design Longer, narrower, pointed nose Wider, thicker, rounded nose and tail
Performance These boards are tailored for long, straight-line paddling; they shine when speed is of the essence. Known for their excellent maneuverability and stability, these excel in varied water conditions, including choppy waters or waves.
Versatility Their streamlined design and added length make them perfect for long, tranquil paddling sessions. Their design enables them to handle a variety of activities - from SUP yoga to surfing - and diverse water conditions, making them an excellent all-around board.
Stability Moderate (better for experienced paddlers) High (great for beginners)
Speed Faster, designed for speed and efficiency Slower due to shape
Maneuverability Less agile but better for straight-line tracking Easier to turn, good in varied environments
Portability Can be heavier and more cumbersome to transport Often lighter, easier to transport
Use Cases Long-distance touring, fitness, racing Casual paddling, yoga, fishing, small waves
Tracking Excellent for maintaining a straight path Adequate for casual use
Storage Space Often more cargo space for gear Limited compared to touring boards
Skill Level Better for those with more experience Ideal for all levels, especially beginners
Primary Environment Open water, large lakes, ocean touring Lakes, calm rivers, small ocean waves
Price and Value These can be priced higher. However, their cost translates into unmatched performance in long-distance paddling and racing scenarios. These are a more affordable choice, especially for beginners or casual paddlers. Their multipurpose nature offers tremendous value, catering to varied SUP experiences.

Touring Paddle Board vs All Around: Factors to Consider

Navigating the decision between a touring paddle board vs all around involves understanding which board aligns best with your individual paddling style and ambitions.

There are things to keep in mind:

Touring Paddle Board vs All Around: Factors to Consider

1. Skill Level

Embarking on the paddle boarding journey is exhilarating. For beginners, an all-around board serves as a reliable ally. Its balanced design inspires confidence and nurtures your budding skills. As you progress into a skilled paddler, longing for long-distance rides, a touring paddle board might become your new friend, carrying you further and faster.

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2. Purpose

In the thrilling SUP realm, the touring paddle board vs all-around debate depends on your plans. If speed and distance call to you, a touring board is your dependable comrade, serving your racing desires. Yet, if you're a versatile adventurer seeking to explore SUP yoga, ride waves, or enjoy casual paddling, the all-around board’s versatility reigns supreme. It's your passport to diverse SUP adventures.

3. Shape and Design:

Consider choosing the shape between touring paddle board vs all around.

Touring boards typically have a pointed nose (displacement hull) for efficient gliding. This shape minimizes water resistance, allowing you to cover longer distances with less effort. All around boards provide a more balanced shape, suitable for beginners. They provide stability and versatility, making them great for various water activities.

4. Environment

Imagine your ideal paddle boarding stage. A tranquil lake or a dynamic sea? Touring boards shine in serene, flat waters, smoothly cutting through with ease. Conversely, all-around boards are adaptable, thriving in varied conditions from calm waters to playful waves. They readily meet each paddling challenge.


Touring Paddle Board vs All Around: Final Verdict

Let’s go to the final verdict on touring paddle board vs all around:

  • Go for an all-around SUP if you're starting out, seeking versatility, or enjoying a mix of activities on different water bodies.
  • Opt for a touring SUP if you're experienced and primarily interested in long-distance, efficient paddling and have specific goals like fitness or exploration.

Remember, the right choice should align with what you enjoy most about paddle boarding and where you plan to use it the most. If possible, testing out both types before purchasing can also be very helpful.

It’s Time To Hit The Waves!

The touring paddle board vs all around debate is about choosing a board that aligns with your paddling goals, ensuring comfort and confidence. Ready to find your perfect board? Check out iROCKER's high-quality selection of SUP boards today. Remember, SUP is about enjoyment on the water, so find a board that will be your great companion to conquer the waves together!

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