Blackfin sand spear black
Man standing on paddleboard using the Blackfin sand spear
Blackfin sand spear black attached to paddle

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BLACKFIN Sand Spear Mount


  • COMPATIBLE WITH: BLACKFIN MODEL X, XL and V boards & BLACKFIN XL ULTRA™ ONLY (NOT compatible with BLACKFIN CX ULTRA™ ) and all paddles.
  • The BLACKFIN Sand Spear is all you need for anchoring in shallow water. This versatile pole was designed to keep your board in place while fishing atop a sandbar or in other shallow waters. Simply push the spear down into the sand or bottom until it feels secure.
  • The BLACKFIN Sand Spear attaches easily by removing the paddle blade from your current paddle and replacing it with the Sand Spear. Learn more here.


Height: 34.5" or 87.6cm
Weight: 0.5 lbs or 0.22 kg

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