irocker scuff eraser xl
Person holding the scuff eraser xl to wash the paddle board
picture of irocker scuff eraser xl

When in the great outdoors, it's impossible not to have a few bumps, knocks, dirt, and marks on your paddleboard. But when left unchecked, these marks turn into permanent stains. Removing them is easier with the brand-new Scuff Eraser – a unique cleaning product specifically designed for outdoor gear. Use the Scuff Eraser for stubborn marks, dirt, and grime, keeping your outdoor gear crisp and clean.

Use on anything: No harsh chemicals mean this cleaning gadget is perfect for all of your outdoor gear. Use it on an inflatable and hard paddleboard, dock, boat towable, rotomolded cooler and more. Any gear, any brand.
Get rid of anything: The Scuff Eraser works to remove dirt, marks, sticky residue, stains, soap scum, streaks, algae, sand, and more.
Easy to use: Use the Scuff Eraser with water, and you are good to go. No more persistent stains.

Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 5cm x 22.86 cm

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