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Looking to get your furry friend on the water?
We’ve got you! 

Dog approved

Most Importantly

We take your four-legged explorer into account with every paddle board we make. So you two can paddle confidently, wherever the adventure takes you. With our boards, you and your furry friend can paddle confidently, embarking on exciting journeys together, wherever the currents of adventure may lead. It's not just a paddle board; it's a SUP for shared moments, where the thrill of exploration becomes a seamless experience for both you and your loyal SUP pup.

Dog Approved

Dog Approved Construction

Each iROCKER paddle board is designed with comfort in mind, providing the width and stability you both need to enjoy the ride together. Our claw-proof, textured deck pads offer a comfortable underfoot feel that stands up to your dog’s nails. And no matter the size of your pup, we’ve got a SUP to accommodate their weight. Because there's nothing better than sharing your paddle board experience with your best friend.  

Dog Approved

Dive paws-first into the adventure!

Explore SUPs perfectly paired to you and your pooch.

Dog Approved

Undecided, but still fetching some options?

Explore our top-notch SUP board options that cater to your canine companion, and discover why selecting one that suits your needs is the best choice. For more details, read our blog on Top Friendly SUP Boards.

Dog Approved

SUP Pup Ambassador

Meet Carl,@carl.explores , a loyal ambassador for the past three years. Uncover the tales of his adventures alongside owner Shaye as they explore the wonders of Canada.

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