It seems our fans around the world want to know how many calories can be burned with stand up paddle boarding. We’re thinking everyone may have gone overboard with holiday sweets this season. That’s ok because we’re here with the great news about burning calories with stand up paddle boarding. Just how many calories can be burned with SUP depends on your type of paddle session so we’re going to break it down for you.
On a light and easy paddle on calm water, you can burn right around 300-to-400 calories. On a more vigorous paddle, such as a cross-training SUP workout incorporating yoga or something really rigorous like SUP racing, you could expect to burn over 750-to-1,000 calories!

Burn 300-to-400 Calories with Light and Easy Stand Up Paddling

For newbies, people recovering from an injury or anyone who’s looking for an easy day on calm water, about 300 calories will be burned in an hour of SUP on calm water. Paddle a little harder or challenge yourself to not-so-calm water and you could burn over 400 calories during your quiet paddle.

Stand up paddling is a sport that challenges your entire body, even when you’re taking it easy. This is because you’re working on body balance while also going through the active motions of paddling and turning. Stand up paddle boarding works your:

  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Core, including your back
  • Legs, including your glutes

Once you master balancing on your iROCKER, you can increase your challenge and your calorie burn with harder or faster paddling, or by incorporating turns. Doing this burn another 100 or 200 calories in that same one-hour SUP session.

Idea: carry your board to the water on your bike or on foot to get the max out of your workout time. Be sure to get an iROCKER Carry Strap to help you out.

Comparing SUP to the Gym for Best Calorie Burn

You know that our entire iROCKER team obviously favors stand up paddle boarding to a gym workout every day. But we get it — many of our fans like both. So we thought we’d offer up our case for choosing SUP first.

  1. SUP is the perfect cross-training exercise. It improves your body balance and your total body tone, and that’s good for every other exercise.
  2. SUP is also great for mindfulness. SUP yoga and solo SUP for quiet meditation are good for your mind and soul. You’ll focus on your breathing, take in fresh air and become one with Mother Nature. #Peace
  3. SUP is a great group activity. Not everyone has a gym membership at your gym, or knows how to play your favorite sports at your level. SUP is a great sports equalizer where newbies and well-seasoned pros can enjoy a day together on the water.

Go for Maximum Calories Burned with More Extreme SUP Workouts

If maximum calories burned is your goal, you might want to up your SUP with some extreme SUP workouts. Here are some of our fave ways to do this:

  1. Add SUP yoga into your typical SUP outing to get the most out of balancing benefits.  You’ll also benefit from improved breathing, better oxygen intake and an overall bigger calorie burn.
  2. Add in some old-school body weight exercises like pushups, planks and squats. Trust us, these are a lot harder on water than on steady land! Ultimately, you’ll burn more calories faster, too.
  3. Try pup SUP. Why leave your best friend out of your workout routine when you can bring him along for the ride? Good for you. Good for him.
  4. Challenge yourself and your SUP buddies to a race. SUP racing might be the fastest and most fun way to burn up to 1,000 calories in a single workout. SUP racing is also great when combined with a water obstacle course or team-building work event.

Idea: Whatever your preferred SUP workout, be sure to get yourself a good waterproof Cell Phone Holder to protect your phone.

SUP Your Way to Burn Calories on Your Schedule

SUP is one of the most diverse exercises there is, allowing you to work out when, where and how you like. If you have big goals to lose major pounds or get beach body ready by summer, try extreme SUP like racing or SUP surfing. If you simply want to get a bit fitter and treat yourself to a healthy habit, gentle stand up paddling on calm water might be your perfect workout.
With SUP, you can do it your way, on your schedule.
Whatever your fitness goals, we want to hear about them and your progress. Please get in touch with your questions, ideas, pics and vids using the fields below or on our Facebook page. We are here to help you with your goals!