IROCKER CRUISER 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board - USED

What to Expect: returned board packages, new or with slight imperfections that have been pressure tested, cleaned and re-packaged.

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Cruiser 10.6 paddleboard with accessories
Cruiser 10.6 paddleboard with paddle
Cruiser 10.6 paddleboard from all sides
Cruiser 10.6 paddleboard from all sides with paddle



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IROCKER CRUISER 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board - USED
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Product Highlights


  • Beginner


  • Stability


  • Tandem

Weight Capacity

  • Plus Size

This board excels at:   

  • Paddling in calm conditions 

  • With enhanced stability, you can drift away into a state of bliss, paddling effortlessly along a nice riverbank, or to a picnic spot with friends 

This board is well suited for:     

  • Beginners and families 

  • The versatile length suits heights under 178 cm while the stable deck area allows riders of all experience levels to enjoy themselves 

  • Perfect for solo paddlers, tandem paddlers or those looking to take a long a child or a pet  

The iROCKER CRUISER Inflatable Paddle Board is ideal for beginner boarders with a bit of curiosity and adventure in their soul. Equipped with an extra-wide 84 cm base, broad tail, and additional stability features, this Inflatable Paddle Board is the steadiest inflatable SUP on the market—making it perfect for those trying SUP yoga. And with a 435lbs weight capacity, it’s built to handle any rider. Feed your adventurous spirit with this smooth introduction to paddle boarding that will have you feeling confident.

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Man sitting on a iROCKER stand up paddle board in the water


Our foundational line of inflatable SUPs, iROCKER boards have been tested and approved by beginners, intermediate paddlers and families, with thousands of rave reviews from around the globe.

Woman paddling on a iROCKER standup paddle board on rocky shoreline

Quality, Durability, & Safety Focused.

When you're out there, you want gear you trust beneath your feet; gear that's reliable, and fun. Since we launched in 2013, that's been our mission. With paddle in our hands and adventure in our soul, we focus on top-quality manufacturing, design, and functionality.

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This board is built to relax. It performs great in all water conditions and is suitable for all skill levels, especially beginners. The 84 cm width and the extra wide tail makes this the most stable iROCKER board and one of the most stable inflatable SUPs on the market. With a 9 out of 10 stability rating, this is our designated cruiser and SUP yoga board.

Premium Wheel Bag

Premium Wheel Bag

The Premium Wheel Bag is an amazing upgrade, allowing you to simply wheel your iROCKER SUP behind you. One large pocket fits your deflated board and disassembled paddle, while the front pocket fits your pump. A bungee strap on the front will also fit your pump if desired. Mesh side pockets store personal belongings, while several handles allow for easy carrying and portability.

3-Piece Adjustable Sup Travel Paddle

3-Piece Adjustable Sup Travel Paddle

The iROCKER 3-piece paddle features a full carbon matte shaft and nylon blade. Weighing 0.8 kg, the paddle adjusts from 183 cm to 218 cm and breaks down to 89 cm for convenient storage. This paddle floats when connected with foam inserted into each paddle piece.

Double Chamber Hand Pump

Double Chamber Hand Pump

This efficient, 61 cm triple-action, double-chamber hand pump comes with an integrated pressure gauge and inflates your board quickly (about 7-10 minutes).

4 Multi-Use Action Mounts

4 Multi-Use Action Mounts

Attach and secure a GoPro, phone holder, cup holder or other gear using your board’s 4 multi-use action mounts. Want more gear and need more action mounts? No problem! You can purchase additional action mounts on our GEAR page and attach even more accessories to your iROCKER board.

20 D-Rings For Gear Storage, Attachments, And Towing

20 D-Rings For Gear Storage, Attachments, And Towing

Use the board’s 20 D-rings for securing personal items or towing or attach versatile accessories such as the SUP to KAYAK Conversion Kit, Carry Strap, Cooler Deck Bag and more!

3 Flip-Lock Removable Fins

3 Flip-Lock Removable Fins

The iROCKER CRUISER comes equipped with 3 fins (1 center fin and 2 side fins.) All 3 fins are removable, allowing for multiple configurations for various water depths and conditions, as well as enabling your board to roll up more easily for storage. Attaching the center fin to your inflatable paddle board is made easier with flip-lock technology.

Ankle Leash With Key Pocket

Ankle Leash With Key Pocket

The 305 cm coiled leash attaches easily to your paddle board, ensuring your board does not float away should you take a fall.
COMFORTABLE – The padded neoprene ankle strap fits any ankle size securely and comfortably.
HIGH QUALITY – Tested under a variety of conditions, the coiled SUP leash is made from heavy-duty materials for lasting durability. Our leash can absorb the impact of waves, stretching up to 5X its length.
MINIMAL DRAG – Leash features a double swivel design to ensure minimal drag, so you can glide faster and farther on the water. This coiled leash will not drag in the water, tangle, or get caught around your feet.
KEY HOLDER – Leash features a hidden key pocket within the inside of the ankle strap for convenient storage.

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