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BLACKFIN Paddle Board Leash

Blackfin Leash Black
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The 305 cm coiled paddle board leash attaches easily to your paddle board, ensuring your board does not float away should you take a fall.

COMFORTABLE – The padded neoprene ankle strap fits any ankle size securely and comfortably.

HIGH QUALITY – Tested under a variety of conditions, the coiled SUP leash is made from heavy-duty materials for lasting durability. Our leash can absorb the impact of waves, stretching up to 5X its length.

MINIMAL DRAG – Leash features a double swivel design to ensure minimal drag, so you can glide faster and farther on the water. This coiled leash will not drag in the water, tangle, or get caught around your feet.

KEY HOLDER – Leash features a hidden key pocket within the inside of the ankle strap for convenient storage.

Learn How To Attach the Ankle Leash To Your Board here.

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