iROCKER 12V Electric SUP Pump

CAD $130.00 CAD $120.00

This lightweight dual stage high pressure SUP Pump that will inflate from 1 to 20 PSI in approximately 10-15 minutes depending on board size and completely deflate your board in 2-4 minutes. Simply set the turn dial to your desired pressure setting, press the “on” button and this little workhorse will do the rest. Included: 120″ (8’6″) cigarette lighter power cable 52″ (6′) inflation hose specially adapted to inflate your inflatable iROCKER or BLACKFIN paddle board.

  • It Will fit all iROCKER or BLACKFIN Paddle Boards
  • Will inflate and deflate your iROCKER or BLACKFIN Paddle board
  • Lightweight and Compact / High Pressure Piston Pump
  • Stops automatically when selected pressure setting is reached
  • Connects via cigarette lighter or alligator clips direct to a 12V battery
  • 12 volt battery not included
  • Compatible with: iROCKER, BLACKFIN & NAUTICAL Inflatable Paddle Boards

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