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Vacation, iRocker Style

iRocker SUP knows at this point in the summer, pretty much everyone across the globe is breaking a sweat during their short walk from their car to front door. When the heat and humidity are off the charts there’s no better way to cool off than with a long, refreshing paddle board session. Although paddle […]

Your Next SUP Race – How to Beat the Competition

iRocker best inflatable SUP

Your SUP skills, moving from casual to competitive…congrats! Now it’s time to figure out how to compete in your first stand up paddle board race. From using correct form to eating the right nutrients beforehand, we’re about to give you some expert tips to help you beat the competition, or at least keep up with […]

The Best Yoga Board? Check Out Our Boards and Yoga Program – We Lead in the ISUP Yoga Experience…

You don’t have to be a yogi to give these poses a try on your inflatable stand up paddle board! We don’t care if you’re a malasana newbie or you’ve been rockin’ this workout for years, the next spot to give your talents a try is on your iSUP in the water. It’s important to […]

The iRocker 11′ Stand Up Paddle Board is a high quality inflatable paddle board that feels like a hardboard

The iRocker 11′ Stand Up Paddle Board is a high quality inflatable paddle board that feels like a hardboard As seen on One of the perks of running is that I get to test a ton of different gear. I’ve tested a bunch of amazing boards over the last three years but a […]


(Well, with this guy’s best friend)     Opposable thumbs might make life a whole lot easier, but they’re not necessary for stand-up paddle boarding! Yep, animals and humans alike can get on board with this popular craze. From iSUP races to simply enjoying a nice day on the water, bringing your four-legged friend along […]


Why you should travel from coast to coast with your iSUP this summer. Before the creation of iRocker and its inflatable stand up paddle board counterparts, traveling around the globe with your favorite SUP was strenuous and expensive. From the swell-heavy coasts of California to the powder white beaches of Brazil, there’s no better way […]

5 Best Places to iSUP in the Northeast

The Northeastern portion of the United States is full of great seafood, awesome people and chilly water. If you and your iSUP are venturing into the Northern waters, there are some awesome SUP spots that you just can’t miss. Whether it’s the big city scene in New York, or a relaxed, breezy afternoon in the […]

6 Amazing Places in South America to Take Your iSUP

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If your adventures are taking you to South America, we’ll be back in the states silently envying you! Luckily, you’re visiting some of the most beautiful countries on the globe with your iSUP in hand. There’s literally no better set-up. When the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea are surrounding you, you can’t go […]