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Essentials for the Ultimate SUP Adventure

Essentials for the Ultimate SUP Adventure
Who’s ready to get off the sofa for some SUP fun and a hearty workout? Goodness, it’s been a long season of lockdown, hasn’t it? Let’s just say we’re beyond ready to get back to normal. Around here, normal means iSUP and a bit of SUP adventure. In this post, we’re going to help you [...]

Here’s How to Stay Fit with SUP When Your Gym is Closed

Here’s How to Stay Fit with SUP When Your Gym is Closed
Everyone’s talking about quarantine weight-gain. It doesn’t have to be this way! This post is your motivation to get off the couch and up onto your iROCKER, and it’s loaded with our tips to stay fit with SUP when your gym is closed. How to Get Max Fitness from SUP -- If you’re a cross-trainer [...]

5 Ways to a Healthier Immune System with Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Most of us have had enough time on the ol’ Chesterfield lately and we know that is not good for our fitness. So with coronavirus lockdown still looming and dreams of getting outside again filling our heads, we thought we’d share these five ways you can build a healthier immune system with the world’s best [...]

Family SUP and Physical Distancing

With the Prime Minister’s strict orders to stay home to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, many people are wondering how to get in some healthy exercise. Before we all go bonkers inside our homes, let’s talk about how we can adhere to the physical distancing mandate while still getting in some healthy outdoor time. In [...]

Basic SUP Paddling Techniques

Stand up paddle boarding is absolutely amazing for getting fit, staying fit, having fun with friends and family and even getting some solo Zen time when you need it. Depending on how you like to SUP, your paddling technique might need a tweak or to. So we’re here with the lowdown on some basic SUP [...]

Oh Canada, Just Wait ‘til You See the New NAUTICAL iSUP

All New Nautical Paddle Board
We have huge news! Better yet, huge GOOD news. And we know everyone could use a dose of good news right now. Here it is: the iROCKER and BLACKFIN design team has been busy designing an all-new stand up paddle board and it is oh, so sweet. So hold onto your paddles, my fellow, Canucks, [...]

Why Paddle Boarding is the Best Stress Buster

Paddle Boarding | Stress Buster

Feeling a bit stressed this winter? You’re not alone. All the after-holiday hustle is not only exhausting, it’s stressful. So today we’re looking at the many ways you can bust stress with stand up paddle boarding. Hopefully, paddling is a part of your regular fitness routine. If it is or even if it isn’t, this […]

How to Pack and Store an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

BLACKFIN Backpack | Pack Inflatable Paddle Board

When we were working on our recent blog about planning the perfect winter SUP holiday, we were surprised (shocked!) to find out how many of our fans don’t actually take their paddle boards on holiday. If you’re one of our fans who keeps your board at home when you travel, read on for our simple […]

Our Top Four Advantages of an Inflatable Paddle Board vs a Rigid Board

iROCKER Big Blue | Inflatable VS Hard Board

The entire iROCKER team is simply mad for stand up paddle boarding. No secret there. More precisely, we’re mad for paddling on inflatable stand up paddle boards. We have our reasons and they basically come down to four clear advantages of inflatable paddle boards versus rigid boards. If you’re still using an old rigid paddle […]

How Many Calories can be Burned with Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

It seems our fans around the world want to know how many calories can be burned with stand up paddle boarding. We’re thinking everyone may have gone overboard with holiday sweets this season. That’s ok because we’re here with the great news about burning calories with stand up paddle boarding. Just how many calories can […]