With the Prime Minister’s strict orders to stay home to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, many people are wondering how to get in some healthy exercise. Before we all go bonkers inside our homes, let’s talk about how we can adhere to the physical distancing mandate while still getting in some healthy outdoor time. In case you missed the memo, physical distancing, aka social distancing, refers to the physical space between people in public. The recommended “safe distance” is two metres or, in practical terms, about the length of a pool noodle. This means team sports, gyms, running clubs and most other “non-essential” sports are “out,” and sitting around at home is “in.” It also means that if you keep about a paddle’s length away from other paddlers, you’re safely in compliance with social distancing recommendations! It doesn’t have to be this way! We’re going to talk about some ideas that will get you and your family off the couch and outside together without violating the two metre rule. You’ll also have some fun together in the planning of your family SUP adventures.

How to SUP with Your Family and Adhere to the 2-Metre Social Distancing Rule
Practicing Safe SUP
Paddling and Send Us Your Family SUP Pics

How to SUP with Your Family and Adhere to the 2-Metre Social Distancing Rule

If you and your family are beginning to get a little bored at home, some healthy online research might be just what the doctor ordered. There’s much to learn about SUP, like where to go, different types of waterways, developing SUP skills and even picking out a gorgeous new inflatable stand up paddle board. Just look at the new 2020 iROCKER design:

One thing that will surely help shake off boredom is digging into a project together. If you’re new to SUP, you can watch some instructional videos to learn about paddling, shop online for boards and gear, and study maps in your province to find some great places for your first family SUP outing.

If you already own an iSUP or two, online shopping for affordable new gear can reignite your SUP passion. Something as practical as a cup holder or as necessary as a cell phone holder can get everyone excited for a day on the water.

If you don’t already own your own iSUP, then shopping for a new iROCKER or NAUTICAL can quickly get the whole family involved. You can use tools on our website to compare boards, features, styles and colors. It’s fun, too!

If you’re new to SUP and looking for your first iSUP, you can do yourself a favor and buy anElectric SUP Pump. You’ll thank us for this bit of advice!

Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy online now. You can use the family research time to talk about future gifts for the holidays or birthdays. The point is to gather the family around a healthy sport you can do together for years to come.

Practicing Safe SUP

Once you and your family have your boards and gear, you’ll want to get everyone involved in researching safe places to go paddling. Canada’s provinces are brimming with excellent options. Some great spots might be closed to the public right now, though, and others might make social distancing impossible. A bit of research will help ensure that once you reach the water, you can actually paddle on the water. You’ll also want to plan ahead in terms of time and activity. If you’re newbie paddlers, learning to SUP on rapids probably won’t work. If you have kids, packing up after dark isn’t ideal. Do you have a long drive to get there and back? If so, you’ll want to budget all the time you need for packing up, driving, inflating and deflating.

Here’s a little list of a few handy tips to help with planning a safe and “socially distant” family SUP adventure:

  1. Plan on plenty of time for packing gear and accessories, and for all the time you need to inflate your board, deflate it at the end of the day and, of course, the drive time.
  2. Dress for the weather and be sure everyone packs dry clothes for the drive back home.
  3. SUP will make you and the kids hungry so pack lots of snacks and waters.
  4. Manage expectations and fend off frustration by talking about SUP realities like any learning curve, falling off, getting up and good balancing technique.
  5. Get the entire family off on the right foot by watching this instructional video for our team’s tips on how to properly inflate your boards and hold your paddle correctly. We also have some helpful blogs with tips for low-stress SUP, getting started as a newbie and even SUP with your pup (which is a little more work and a lot more fun).
  6. Put someone in charge of handling the camera. You’ll enjoy your family SUP pics and videos once you’re back at home!

Paddling and Send Us Your Family SUP Pics

After all the online shopping and careful planning are complete, you’re ready to go paddling. Be sure to take pics and vids, and share them with our fans over on our Facebook page, especially if one of the kids catches you in a funny fall or if you take your pooch with you. Those are our our faves!