Oh Canada, Just Wait ‘til You See the New NAUTICAL iSUP

All New Nautical Paddle Board

We have huge news! Better yet, huge GOOD news. And we know everyone could use a dose of good news right now. Here it is: the iROCKER and BLACKFIN design team has been busy designing an all-new stand up paddle board and it is oh, so sweet. So hold onto your paddles, my fellow, Canucks, it’s time to get up front and personal with the brand new, super sleek and oh-so-affordable NAUTICAL iSUP.

Note: this would be a grand time to break open a bottle of bubbly (or at least a bubbly bottle of water).

NAUTICAL is the latest and greatest new thing for iROCKER and, if we do say so ourselves, stand up paddle boarding.

It’s built to meet the demands of so many new and aspiring paddlers:

  • Affordable
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Simple and fun

So if you’re new to SUP or finally giving this whole stand up paddle boarding thing some careful thought, read on because the NAUTICAL has your name all over it.

Oh Canada, Just Wait ‘til You See the New NAUTICAL iSUP

The All-new NAUTICAL is Built for New SUPers

NAUTICAL is for People with Goals

The All-new NAUTICAL is Built for New SUPers

NAUTICAL Paddle Boards | 2020 iSUP

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you already know we take fan input seriously. We really do. We read every message and email you send, and we take your suggestions directly to our design meetings.

Here’s what we’ve learned: new paddlers want a board designed around their specific needs. New paddlers tell us they want a low up-front price to get started, easy-to-manage features, long-lasting equipment and optional accessories so they don’t spend money on things they don’t want.

We hear you! We also have you covered with the brand new (and utterly stunning) NAUTICAL iSUP.

Like all our boards, NAUTICAL is built with military grade materials, backed by our genius warranty, and designed to make paddling fun, safe and simple. But we made a few tweaks to create a board with a tantalizing price point and some built-in efficiencies that take away even the tiniest hassle factors. After all, it’s our goal to help everyone on the planet fall in love with SUP.

The top three things we wanted to do when designing NAUTICAL are:

  1. Make NAUTICAL affordable
  2. Build NAUTICAL stronger
  3. Guarantee NAUTICAL is better

We work hard to keep our iSUPS, gear and accessories as affordable as possible. Still, new and aspiring SUP fans have been telling us they’re worried about a big up-front investment in a sport they’ve never tried.

So we asked our design team to look at our designs with fresh eyes to see if they could find cost-saving tweaks with absolutely zero compromise in quality.

They did it!

NAUTICAL is built with dual layer military grade materials, guaranteeing a tough, rugged and durable board that will stand up to debris in the water, bumps with other boards and boats, and travel wear and tear. We’re so confident in the durability, in fact, we back the NAUTICAL with a sweet warranty.

NAUTICAL is also strong. It can hold up to 240 pounds. That means you can bring your dog, a SUP buddy or a really big picnic. NAUTICAL can carry it all!

The next thing we did (since we were at the design table and all) is take a fresh look at how we package the NAUTICAL board. By streamlining our package, we can give you a great board with awesome gear without breaking your bank.

We also took a fresh look at how we bundle the NAUTICAL with accessories. Let’s say you never travel and don’t ever plan to travel with your iSUP. Well then, you probably aren’t all that interested in our packages that include a rolling travel backpack. We get that.

So the NAUTICAL package is streamlined for savings and efficiencies. And even better, our new approach to packaging puts you in complete control over what accessories or gear you choose to get.

Are you ready for the really big news?

Tip: you might want to sit down for this.

The NAUTICAL iSUP package is only CAD $549! And all of this is included:

  • NAUTICAL Board — The NAUTICAL iSUP measures 10’ 6” long by 32” wide, and weighs in at just 20 pounds. It’s designed with a handy storage area on the nose for gear, and also has three handles for carrying or pulling your board.
  • Fiber Glass Ultra Light Adjustable Travel Paddle — Our paddles float!
  • Flip Lock Fins — We’ve included three Flip Lock Fins that allow you to adjust your fins for different types of waterways.
  • Ankle Leash — There’s also a 10” ankle leash with a key pocket (trust us, this comes in handy).
  • Hand Pump — Plus, we include a hand pump so you can inflate and deflate wherever you go.
  • Back Pack — All of your gear will easily fit into the back pack so you take your NAUTICAL iSUP wherever you want to go.
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty — Of course we back the NAUTICAL with our exclusive one-year warranty. You can read about our warranties here.
2020 NAUTICAL Paddle Boards

NAUTICAL is for People with Goals

Another thing our newbie SUP fans told is why they’re interested in SUP (other than the fact it’s the best sport there is). Their #1 reason is fitness.

Some of our fans told us they want to lose weight. Some others said they’re just looking for more interesting ways to get some exercise, spend time with a loved one or get away from the noise of their gym.

All great reasons to get on board a NAUTICAL iSUP!

Whatever your reasons for thinking about finally taking up SUP, we applaud your decision! All you need to do now is order your NAUTICAL package, pick your accessories (we totally recommend the cell phone holder so you can get some selfies of you on your iSUP) and plan your first outing.

You also might want to give this video a quick look so you can learn how to inflate your NAUTICAL, hold your paddle, jump up and balance like a SUP pro.

If you’d like to know more about NAUTICAL or any of our beautiful boards, reach out to us on Facebook. We’re here to help you fall in love with our favorite sport!

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