What’s New in 2020 for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Design Trends You Need to Know About

You know what a new year means, right? New design trends for SUP! This post is all about what’s new in 2020 for stand up paddling, iROCKER, BLACKFIN and of course, all our awesome gear.

If you’re ready to take stock of your SUP gear and treat yourself to something new, then read on for the latest and greatest on-trend news for the SUP lifestyle in 2020.

First, we have an idea you’re going to love: make a list. A shopping list for yourself, that is! You have a birthday this year, right? Right! So if someone special in your life will be shopping for you in 2020, they’re going to need your list. Plus, there’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day….

What’s New in 2020 SUP Board Design

New SUP Accessories You Need Now

Get Ready for Some Online SUP Shopping

What’s New in 2020 SUP Board Design

Spoiler alert: we’re about to brag.

BLACKFIN and iROCKER are thrilled to announce some ahhhmazing new board design tweaks for 2020. We’re talking high-tech convenience and sleek new design all rolled into one sturdy board.

We’ll break down all the deets in a bit but for now, here are the high points:

  1. 2020 is your lucky year if SUP fishing is your jam.
  2. Think big: bigger boards, that is, with more deck space and more storage.
  3. Fun new gear and some updates to our old favorites.
  4. Storage-savvy tweaks plus travel-friendly upgrades to our travel backpacks.
  5. Familiar great pricing, package discounts and as always, free shipping!

Before we get into the seriously sweet details about our 2020 news, let’s talk about quality. Things just keep getting better when it comes to iROCKER and BLACKFIN quality. In 2020, we’re introducing an all-new construction feature that cuts the overall board weight by 20 percent but with absolutely no compromise in durability, strength or the reliably long life of our boards.

You will notice the lighter weight on your next trip, believe us on this one!

Another great benefit of the overall reduced weight of our boards is the opportunity to add to our sweet suite of accessories.

Check out these all-new accessory-savvy features:

  • Four new mounts for cool must-have gadgets like your mobile phone, waterproof speakers and fishing rod holders.
  • A new larger deck pad and increased rear cargo storage.
  • A new grab handle on the front.
  • Plus, our BLACKFIN boards come equipped in 2020 with a Sand Spear attachment point on the rail.

Drum roll, please…

check out the 2020 iROCKER design:

And now, feast your eyes on the ridiculously gorgeous 2020 BLACKFIN:

We told you they were gorgeous!

New SUP Accessories You Need Now

Now that you know all about our board upgrades for 2020, let’s get straight to the fun stuff — our awesome accessories!

We still love our tried-and-true gadgets such as our Cooler Deck Bag and travel-friendly Carry Strap. Gotta have those! But there’s much, more in 2020 and we’re here to tell you all about it.

  • Let’s talk about our paddle. It’s not only fully constructed of carbon throughout the shaft, it weighs only 30 ounces. As if that’s not amazing enough, we’ve amped things up with more flexibility than ever before. Now, the iROCKER paddle adjusts from 72 inches to up to 86 inches. At its shortest, it’s just 35 inches long, meaning storage and transport are easy-breezy. You might want to grab a cup of tea (or a pint) and check out the full feature list here.
  • If you love BLACKFIN (and who doesn’t), you’ll be thrilled to know this board now comes with an uber-convenient flip lock center fin and new fishing rack attachment points. All of this means less stress for you and more time for SUP. Woohoo!
  • Now, let’s talk back packs. Again, gotta have one! We’ve made our back packs more travel-friendly than ever before by adding some extra storage pockets, another bungee, more velcro straps and we’ve rolled out an optional wheel tray for smoother transport. (Get it? Rolled out?)
  • One thing hasn’t changed: if you get only one SUP accessory, it absolutely must be the Electric SUP Pump, which saves your arms and your schedule from all of that pumping. Seriously, you deserve this.

Get Ready for Some Online SUP Shopping

Some things haven’t changed and they’re some pretty important things. First, as always, we ship FREE throughout Canada. We also ship out the day after you order so you get down to SUP ASAP.

We’re asked often about our shipping — where do we ship, what do we charge for shipping and how long are delivery times. Find all the details here about our free shipping.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is our incredible two-year warranty. We stand behind our stand up paddle boards because we build them ourselves, in-house, by our stellar team of SUP junkies

Bigger boards, lighter weight, cool new gear, free shipping and a two-year warranty. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So if you’re ready to start shopping, get started here or get in touch with us using the fields below. We are ready and waiting to help you SUP into 2020 on-trend and in style!

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