Why Paddle Boarding is the Best Stress Buster

Paddle Boarding | Stress Buster

Feeling a bit stressed this winter? You’re not alone. All the after-holiday hustle is not only exhausting, it’s stressful. So today we’re looking at the many ways you can bust stress with stand up paddle boarding.

Hopefully, paddling is a part of your regular fitness routine. If it is or even if it isn’t, this post is all about how SUP can feed your mind, body and soul and in the process, put stress where it belongs — out of your life.

#1: Paddle Boarding is Good for Mental Clarity

#2: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Fitness

#3: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Soul

Bonus: the Ultimate Stress Relief

#1: Paddle Boarding is Good for Mental Clarity

Paddlers who’ve been at it awhile might not realize how much mental focus they put into a paddle sesh. Newbies are aware, of course. When you’re new at SUP, you’ve got to focus on little details like getting on, standing up, balancing and even which direction to hold your paddle.

Over time, all of this becomes routine and your body simply knows what to do. The more you paddle, the more you and your board become one.

Trust us, though, even pros use intense mental focus to paddle. And all of this mental focus helps block out stress. Work, home and social worries become a foggy rear view mirror type of stress when you’re out for an hour or two of SUP.

#2: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Fitness

In addition to mental focus, paddling also requires physical focus. From balancing and paddling, to turning and traversing, stand up paddle boarding gives you a full body workout. A gentle, slow-going paddle will have you burning a few hundred calories. Go hard with paddle board races, rapids or surf, and you could burn over 1,000 calories in an hour.

You’ll feel it, that’s for sure! And over time, your body will reward you with better tone, better balance and most importantly, overall better fitness.

Meantime, you’ll forget all about that big meeting at the office or your next big deadline because you’ll be good and tired from your awesome paddle workout.

Tip: when you’re paddling, make a point to think specifically about your entire body, from head to foot. Focusing on your movements and your style will help you get into maximum fitness before you know it.

#3: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Soul

The intense mental and physical focus required for stand up paddle boarding adds up to another big plus and that’s soulfulness. Maybe it’s the outdoor Mother Nature benefit or the soul-satisfying experience of going solo in a crowded world. Whatever it is, a quiet hour of SUP feeds your soul like meditation.

Even if you’re a SUP with mates kind of SUPer, a good paddle sesh is the ideal way to invite harmony in and chase stress out.

If you are committed to busting stress (because it’s really bad for you) then make an intention to breathe in peace and breathe out stress with each and every paddle.

SUP yoga is another good way to maximize your Zen during SUP. Yes, it’s a physical workout, and it’s also a proven way to clear your mind and your soul. We write a lot about SUP yoga because we’re big fans. If you’re new at it or thinking about trying SUP yoga, we challenge you to try one new pose each time you paddle.

For starters, try the warrior pose. Try on land then once you’ve got it down, try it on your board. (Then have a mate snap a pic and send it to us!) You can find all kinds of helpful yoga tips here to ensure you’re using the proper technique on dry ground before attempting a new pose on your iROCKER.

Bonus: the Ultimate Stress Relief

Now that you’re focused on improving your mind, body and soul with less stress and more SUP, you deserve a treat. You’ve earned it, right?

Hop on over to our gear page to check out all our shiny new equipment and accessories to make SUP better than ever. We have a few faves such as the cell phone holder, which is great for watching the clock or shooting a selfie video (hint, hint). We also love, love, love the bluetooth speaker attachment, which is a great way to put a little music into your selfie videos.

But to really treat yourself to something awesome, check out the electric SUP pump. Talk about a stress buster! Hook it up, breathe in, breathe out, aaahhh!

We hope we’ve inspired you to bust the stress out of your life. Next time you feel stressed, think SUP instead. If you have questions or ideas of your own, we’d love to hear about them. Contact us using the fields below or connect with our team on Facebook.

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