Our Top Four Advantages of an Inflatable Paddle Board vs a Rigid Board

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The entire iROCKER team is simply mad for stand up paddle boarding. No secret there. More precisely, we’re mad for paddling on inflatable stand up paddle boards. We have our reasons and they basically come down to four clear advantages of inflatable paddle boards versus rigid boards.
If you’re still using an old rigid paddle board or thinking of upping your SUP to an inflatable board, this post has all the information you need to make that move.

Inflatable Paddle Boards Survive Water Hazards

Inflatable Paddle Boards are Gentle on Your Body

Inflatable Paddle Boards are Priced Right

Inflatable Paddle Boards are Travel-friendly

Inflatable Paddle Boards Survive Water Hazards

Stand up paddle boarding is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular water sports. The flexibility to take your sport to multiple locations and even travel around the world with your equipment are just some of the reasons why.
But with stand up paddle boarding, like all outdoor sports, there can be some hazards to watch. When it comes to water, natural hazards like floating logs are an occasional reality. There’s also the people hazard — more paddlers can mean more chance for a minor collision in a narrow or crowded waterway.
If you’re paddling on a rigid board, a knock from a log, rock or someone else’s board can cause serious damage to your board. This means a time-consuming (and possibly costly) fiberglass repair and no more paddling for you til the repair is done.
Inflatable stand up paddle boards are built to give and take to minor bumps and dings. Somewhat like an amusement park bumper car, your iROCKER will simply take the bump and keep on going.
The construction of iROCKER boards is an important part of our story. We are veteran paddle boarders so we know the realities of water debris or an accidental bump with another paddler. This is why we build our boards with four layers of protection and a high density internal core. We also use heat welded seams and the maximum possible stitching per square inch for added durability, and stand behind our boards with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Inflatable Paddle Boards are Gentle on Your Body

Water hazards are one reason a rigid board might get damaged during a SUP sesh. People hazards are another.
Group paddling is growing almost as fast as stand up paddling is. That should come as no surprise because group SUP is great for family bonding, social meetups and even work outings.
But more people on boards can mean a higher chance of a minor collision with another paddler. If those paddlers are using rigid boards, there’s also a high chance of a potential injury to the riders. Think about it: if you get hit by a runaway board, would you rather it were a rigid board or an inflatable?
Inflatable, of course, and we couldn’t agree more!
If you like paddle boarding with your mates and family, think about protecting your board and those precious bodies from bumps and falls. An inflatable board is the way to go.

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