How to Plan the Best Winter SUP Holiday

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We Canucks love our snow. We really, really do. But let’s face it, paddle boarding in the winter is not as fun as paddle boarding in the summer. The best tuque on the market is no match for Old Man Winter on the water. This is why when the deep months of winter rear their frosty heads, we all turn into snowbirds and head somewhere warm. This is why we’re here to help you plan the best winter holiday SUP adventure possible.
If this sounds pretty good to you right now (or around January), then read on for our tips on planning your own winter holiday SUP adventure.
Can you picture yourself on turquoise blue tropical water, paddling out from a beachfront tiki bar? Of course you can!
And since you already know all about the travel features of the entire line of iROCKER and BLACKFINN boards and gear, you’re practically ready to start your winter adventure.
To help you get an actual winter SUP holiday plan in action, you need to do a little research and planning. Our team travels with our stand up paddle boards all the time, so we’ve learned a thing or two about traveling the fun way and traveling the not-so-fun way.
Let’s talk about the fun way to plan a winter holiday SUP adventure.
Planning the Best Winter SUP Holiday
Finding the Best Winter SUP Destinations

Planning the Best Winter SUP Holiday

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Patient and careful planning are critical to enjoying a winter SUP holiday. Simple as that.
Finding the best destination, booking a SUP-friendly place to stay, and knowing how to find the best waterways are crucial details. Get one of these wrong and suddenly, the best winter holiday SUP vacation can become a major bummer.
When you get down to planning your winter SUP vacation, give careful consideration to the following:

  1. Where do you want to holiday? If you have only a few days off work, then the sky is not the limit. Australia sounds ace when you’re looking online at the gorgeous summer there in the dead of winter here but do you know how long it takes to get to Australia? Answer: forever. So look a little closer to Canada for less time on the plane and more time on your paddle board. (Spoiler alert: Florida.)
  2. Research the best places to stay. You’ll find all kinds of SUP-friendly places to stay on the US coastlines. Look hard enough, and you can find everything from luxury resorts with staff to clean and store you gear, to surf hostels just a quick walk to the water. As you look into your options, be sure to ask your host the key questions that can make or break your winter SUP holiday. Is there a safe and secure spot to store your board and gear? Is there a hose or shower to rinse off after a paddle? Is there good security? Where are the paddle spots? Will you need to hire a car?
  3. Research the best places to paddle. Knowing how you want to SUP is important. You can find a good chop on the Atlantic or a gentle bay on Florida’s west coast. If you’re traveling with friends, their opinions count, too. Check in with everyone and find a place with water to suit everyone in your group.
  4. Plan ahead for the occasional kerfuffle. Try as you might, sometimes, things do go wrong. Have you ever dropped your mobile in the drink or snapped a Carry Strap at precisely the wrong time? Be prepared with a bit of backup gear and a patch kit just in case your board hits a rock.

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Finding the Best Winter SUP Destinations

It’s a big world or a small world, depending on your perspective. But when it comes to planning  the best winter SUP holiday, the world is not your oyster. Time is tenners, eh?
So you want to find a warm destination that’s easy to get to, affordable, safe and most of all, fun.
Here are some awesome winter SUP holiday destinations that might be perfect for you.


Florida can get a little cool in winter for Southern standards, but to the rest of the world, 70 degrees sounds pretty good in January.
Flights to Florida from most of the United States and Europe are surprisingly affordable, thanks to the huge airports in Orlando and Miami. And getting around Florida after you arrive is pretty simple. You’ll want to rent a car and once you do, you can plan a different day at a different beach, hitting both coasts and the Intracoastal Waterway in one week.
If Florida sounds like the ideal winter holiday SUP destination for you, you’ll be interested in our favorites there.

  1. Northeast Florida. The northeast corner of Florida is absolutely stunning year ‘round. Floridians find winter weather here a bit cold but it’s absolutely balmy for us Canucks. The paddle options are varied and outstanding, from surf breaks on the Atlantic Ocean to long stretches of brackish water on the Intracoastal Waterway. Disney World is about a two hour drive so a day trip to see Mickey is a worthy side trip.
  2. Florida’s Gulf Coast. The west side of Florida hugs the warm and calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Beaches here are long and expansive, and a top destination for snowbirds and water sports lovers. We particularly love Clearwater Beach, Siesta Key and Lido Key, all consistently ranked as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Just to the east is the sprawling Tampa Bay area, with dozens of options for paddle boarding and nightlife.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands are top destinations for snowbirds every year. We even know a few who went for a holiday and never came back to Canada. High season in the VI runs from early December through May, with water and air temperatures consistently around 26 degrees.
You can SUP from the sand at beaches on every island and reward yourself with a frosty pint or tropical cocktail at the local beach bars.

Tell Us all about Your Winter SUP Holiday

Is a winter SUP holiday beginning to sound like the perfect solution to Canadian winter? We think so! Once you decide where you’re going to have your winter SUP holiday, let us know using the fields below. We just might join you!

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