Your Ultimate Paddle Board Guide for 2019

Paddle Boarding Guide | iROCKER

No gift quite compares to a smashing new paddle board. Brazen statement? Not one bit. Paddle boards like iRocker and BLACKFINN are built to perform for SUPers of every skill level, hobby and body type. With so many wonderful gift ideas from which to choose, the iRocker team is here with the most important reasons to surprise them with a SUP. If your buddy already has a board, our iRocker 2019 ultimate paddle board guide includes accessory ideas they’re sure to love.

The Best Paddle Boards for Yourself or for a Friend

Sure, we may be a tad biased when it comes to the best SUPs. We promise it’s for a good reason! iRocker is the top-selling paddle board in the world for many reasons. Between the modern, sleek BLACKFIN board designs and the user-friendly iRockers, we’re confident you’ll find the right board for your loved one.

For the pal who knows their way around a gym: The BLACKFIN Model V couldn’t be more perfect for your friend. Its streamlined design, 20% lighter board weight and triple-layer PVC composite all come together to create the perfect board for high-intensity activities. This is a great board for people who love to surf, race and more.
For the pal with little ones: Whether they have pups or kiddos, the iRocker All Around is the perfect size to fit two riders. The XL surface area and the perfect level of buoyancy are just right for your friend plus one. This is the ideal SUP for families with kids and pets.
For the pal who likes to keep things calm: Yogees rejoice! The iRocker Cruiser includes a comfortable traction pad and ideal buoyancy that’s just right for the yogee in your life. This is a great paddle board for amateurs, seasoned SUPers and everyone in between.

iROCKER Cruiser Paddle Board

Most-wanted Accessories of 2019

Advanced technology and premium accessories are the perfect way to round out their SUP experience. We quickly noticed a demand for unique paddle board accessories from the early days of launching iRocker. Here are some of our favorite add-ons (and soon to be yours, too.)
SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit: It’s no coincidence this gear package is one of the most popular purchases on the iRocker site. If your mate already owns an iRocker paddle board, this is the clear extension of their favorite hobby. They can easily convert their paddle board into a fully functioning kayak within minutes.
Cooler Deck Bag: They can fill their spacious cooler with water, wine or beer (we’re partial to the second two!) This easy-to-use cooler deck bag will quickly became their new best friend when spending hours on the open water.

Safety Measures to Make the Most of Your SUP Experience

While paddle boarding has way more positives than negatives, there are some things to remember before you and your buddy hits your local swimming hole. High-quality safety gear and the right precautions will ensure everyone returns back to shore safely.

SUP Ankle Leash | iROCKER Paddle Board
  1. Check the forecast before you hit the open water. The wind, tide and swell conditions greatly influence the outcome of our SUP experience. If you’re a novice, avoid going out during harsh conditions. Choppy waters and strong currents are dangerous and no fun for the inexperienced paddler.
  2. Always strap a durable SUP leash to your ankle. A leash can be the important difference between life and death. Your ankle leash will keep you close to your board (aka your only floating device on the water) even when you fall in.
  3. Always head out with a friend. For starters, it’s far safer. But, it’s also way more enjoyable. Fill your cooler deck bag, stick with your group and stay safe while SUPing your local waterway.

The Right Gifts for the Paddle Boarder Who has it All

It can be daunting shopping for the person who seems to have it all. Don’t worry, we’ve got ‘ya covered when it comes to an awesome gift. This gift idea is a favorite amongst the iRocker crew and with our customers, too.

Waterproof Portable Speaker | BLACKFIN SUP

For the friend who loves some good tunes, go with a speaker that attaches to their board. This friend sounds super fun. We’re confident they’ll love a waterproof, portable speaker for their exciting days on their SUP. These are moderately new to the SUP scene and have become incredibly user-friendly in the past year or so.

iRocker is Here with The Ultimate Paddle Board Guide of 2019

When we created iRocker a few years ago, we set out to be the one-stop-shop for all things SUPing. It’s not always simple to buy for the paddle board lovers in your life, but you’re guaranteed to find something great on the iRocker website.
Between high-quality, advanced board designs and unparalleled SUP gear, there’s something for everyone here at iRocker. If you need a little help, check out our Instagram and Facebook page for some SUP gift inspiration or send us a note using the fields below.

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