10 Things to Try from Your Paddle Board this Summer

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Summer in Canada is all about spending time outdoors, soaking in the sun and relaxing on the water. Adrenaline junkies and zen enthusiasts alike will all find an activity they love on our list of recommendations. However you spend your summer, these are our favorite 10 things to try from your paddle board this summer.

1. Get a Rush from Whitewater SUPing

Now this packs a serious thrill. You’ve been warned! Roll your paddle board into its travel back and head to your closest rapids. Make sure to keep yourself safe with a PFD and helmet. Your paddle board, on the other hand, is perfectly safe thanks to its multiple layers of military grade materials.
It doesn’t matter if you bump into a sharp rock or slide down a waterfall, your iRocker is ready for whatever your whitewater excursion throws its way.

2. Get in some Golf out on the Water

Take your golf game to the next level with a round or two out on your SUP. With the right board and some great golf gear, you’ll be hitting balls into the abyss in no time. Before you hit the water, stock your board with the right equipment:

  • PVC pipes to build a floating green
  • Piece of artificial turf
  • Anchor for your floating green
  • Foam or plastic golf balls that float

This one really puts your skills to the test. After you secure the turf to the PVC pipes and anchor it in the water, take your 9-iron or wedge out for a spin. This is a fun and effective way to practice your short distance swings.

3. Star Gaze from Your SUP Deck

Comfort meets function with iRocker’s unique cushioned deck pad. Slip into something warm, pack a two-four and hit the water with your significant other. We really doubt it gets any more romantic than this!
Tranquil activities like meditation and stargazing are only possible on a comfortable, well-equipped paddle board. Exercise caution when using your board at night by bringing a flashlight, emergency flare gun and reflective clothing.

4. Pile onto Your Paddle Board for a Family Outing

Grab the little ones and your durable paddle boards for all-day excitement with your family. Take your adventure to the next level and pack some snacks and drinks in your cooler deck bag.
When your paddle board is this long and this wide, your options for family time are endless. Pack some snorkeling equipment and a waterproof camera for an underwater group photoshoot.

5. Sign up Your SUP for a Kayak Race

Say what? That brand new iRocker of yours converts into a kayak in less than five minutes. Use your fully functioning kayak/SUP combo to race, relax and fish. We believe paddle boards should be versatile, which is why our kayak bundle makes the conversion so easy.
Make your investment go even further when you opt for an iRocker. Whether you’re in the mood for a brisk SUP sesh or a relaxing day on the kayak,   iRocker is the paddle board with the answer.

6. Keep the Waters Clean in Style

Over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash cover the surface of our waterways these days. Statistics that staggering makes this crisis the responsibility of the people. Band together with your fellow Canucks and head to your local swimming hole.
You know those hard-to-reach, shallow spots along the water’s coastline? Hop on your paddle board with a trash collector to access litter in every depth.

7. Tour the Bars from Your Paddle Board

There’s no such thing as drinking and driving when you cruise around on a paddle board! Protect yourself this summer and bar hop from the safety of your board. Fun hotspots all around Canada are easily accessible by paddle board.
We can’t think of a better way to spend Canada Day than with cold brews, awesome friends and your paddle board in tow.

8. Cruise the Coastline with some Tunes

Pop your portable Bluetooth speaker onto your paddle board for a fun afternoon in the sun. What’s cooler than pulling up to the beach blasting your favorite songs?
SUP dancing isn’t a thing (yet). Bust some moves on your paddle board and tag us on social for a shoutout.

9. Catch Some Fish from Your Paddle Board

SUP fishing is a totally new trend that’s taking over all over Canada. It’s incredibly easy, affordable and effective, which makes it the perfect option for fishermen of every skill and budget.
It all comes down to functionality and stability. The multi-use action mount on every BLACKFIN model is the perfect rod holder. The iRocker design team really thought of everything. Take yours out for a spin and let us know what you think.

10. Paddle up to an Outdoor Summer Concert

What’s better than outdoor music in the summer? Pulling up on your paddle board, of course. Head to the Harbourfront Centre Stage in Toronto this summer to catch their summer concert series.
Grab your friends for a group paddle and head to your local waterfront venue this season. The perfect preface to a fun night of dancing is a relaxing ride on your SUP.

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Let Us Know what You think of these 10 Clever Ideas for Your Next Paddle Board Session

Every busy work week should be offset by some serious relaxation. Whether you launch into Balasana or get your kicks from a round of aqua-golf, we have no doubt this list of 10 things to try from your padle board this summer will come in handy.
We can’t wait to hear what you think about these unique adventures! Take a picture and tag us on Instagram!

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