How to Get Started with SUP Fishing this Summer

SUP Fishing | iROCKER Paddle Board

Catch waves and catch dinner all around Canada this summer. Your paddle board is good for so many activities and we’re here with the lowdown on your new fave. Think about how many fish you’ll hook when they don’t know you’re coming. No noise from an engine means more chance to catch a big one. If your family has fallen into a mid-summer rut, SUP fishing is a skookum solution.
No fishing experience? No problem. Our team of water experts is here with all of the info you need to know before you hit the water with your fishing pole. If you’re someone who already knows their way around a bait box, we’ll break down the need-to-know details of how to transfer your skills to your SUP.

Fishing | iROCKER Paddle Board

Do Yourself a Favor and Start with the Right Gear

If you know anything at all about fishing, then you know the right bait is key to catching a fish. Whether you use live bait or lures all comes down to the type of fish that swim in your local waterway.
Once you acquire the correct bait for the area and dig your fishing pole out of the garage, it’s time to add some gear to your trusted SUP. It’s totally possible to catch a fish or two with basic gear and a decent pole.
Like most sports, SUP fishing is most successful with carefully selected equipment. (Plus, we love iRocker accessories and love telling you about them.)

Hear us out on this. You’ll need somewhere cold to stock the fish you catch, right? Right. Use an iRocker Cooler Deck Bag to keep the live bait and catches fresh.
We promise you’ll need a rod holder, also. If you bring more than one fishing pole or just don’t want to strain your arms, a rod holder will do the trick.
All of the accessories in our online store seamlessly pair with all iRocker and BLACKFIN boards. Our boards and gear are built specifically for adventure enthusiasts like you. Every inch is carefully considered to elevate your SUP experience. Every part — from the fiberglass paddle to the cuve of the fins — makes iRocker boards the perfect vessels for a successful day of SUP fishing.


How to Keep Control of Your Board and Paddle

How you maneuver your SUP and paddle becomes far more challenging when you also have to handle a fishing pole and bait box. A little bit of rope and some tricks goes a long way on the water.
Be sure to secure your paddle: Form a little loop on either end of a three-foot rope and tie it around your waist. Fasten one loop through the other and allow the paddle to rest from your waist onto the board. This simple trick gives your body a break from holding the paddle and prevents movement on the water.
Next, secure your board: Loop an eight-foot rope around your midsection and tie the other end to your iRocker. This simple solution keeps your board nearby while you wade through the water.

Saltwater vs. Freshwater SUP Fishing

The fish you catch, the gear you use and the research you do is determined by salinity levels of your fishing hole. Freshwater, brackish and saltwater are home to wide varieties of sea life that respond to different types of bait.
Start a conversation with the employees at your local bait shop and peruse some fishing columns online. Put some time into research now so you can save plenty of time and money once you get going with your new hobby. SUP fishing doesn’t have to be a costly activity if you do it right.
Seasoned pros all around Canada have found clever ways to make the most of their stand up paddle boards while fishing. A smaller vessel doesn’t have to result in less fish on your line. Simple tricks can make the most of your gear and simplify the experience.
If you choose to fish in saltwater then you need to keep a few important things in mind. For starters, it’s smart to understand the tidal currents in your area. Currents don’t always correlate with high tide and low tide, particularly in channels and inlets. Take advantage of marine charts to locate the fish and choose the best time of day to go out.
Freshwater fishing requires a different strategy than saltwater fishing. Comparable to marine charts, the moon, sun and weather patterns reveal a whole lot about freshwater fishing. For example, fish respond differently to a cloudy morning versus a bright sunset.

Share Your SUP Fishing Success with the iRocker Team

SUP fishing | iROCKER Paddle Board
Family Outing | Weekend | SUP Fishing

Between a rod holder, rope and a cooler, don’t forget to leave room on your board for your camera. Snap a few shots of your catch of the day and share them with us. Keep your eye on our Facebook and Instagram to see if your trophy catch is featured.
SUP fishing is hands-down one of the best ways to spend your summer. While traditional stand up paddle boarding never gets old, it’s always fun to mix things up once in awhile. We can’t wait to hear about your experience!

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