Everything You Need to Know about iROCKER’s Electric Pump

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If you haven’t tried out iROCKER’s electric pump, you’re really missing out on something grand. Trust us, once you discover the power and speed of the electric pump, you’ll want to give your old hand pump to your favorite newbie SUPer.
The electric pump will become your new best friend when you discover how much love it gives you. In this post, we’re going to break down all of the wonderful features of iROCKER’s electric pump:
Save Time with iROCKER’s Electric SUP Pump
Save Energy with an Electric SUP Pump
Make Someone Happy When You Upgrade to an Electric Pump iROCKER’s Electric Pump Makes a Great Holiday Gift is the fastest and most efficient way to get out and explore. Instead of exhausting your arms before you even reach the water, an electric pump simply requires the push of a button.
Read on for everything you need to know when shopping for a new SUP pump this season.

Save Time and Hassle with iROCKER’s Electric SUP PUMP

How to Use the 12V Electric SUP Pump

Understanding Each Part of Your Pump

Expert Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Save Time and Hassle with iROCKER’s Electric SUP Pump

Not that we’re necessarily biased — we’ve been obsessing over all things SUP for a long time — but we happen to fully believe that a 12V pump is the perfect option for most paddlers. For those who are time- and price-conscious, it’s the obvious optimal upgrade.
If you’re the type of paddler who pays close attention to how your spend your time, you’re going to fall madly in love with the elelectic pump.
While there are many good electric pumps on the market, it’s very hard to beat the ease, speed and affordability of IROCKER’S 12V pump.
It’s lightweight, and that’s important for maximum mobility. It’s also quite simple to use. Best of all, this little gadget packs a lot of positives and will have your board fully inflated in 10 minutes or less.
When you’re finished with your paddle and ready to pack up for the day, the pump does double duty for you. You’ll have your board deflated and ready to go in about five minutes.
Making our pump as easy to use as it is fast was an important requirement in designing it. All you have to do is determine your desired PSI (see our recommendations here), connect the pump to a power source and press start.
Now, watch the pump do it’s thing! (You can take this time to snap a selfie, video a Boomerang or even do your stretches.)

How to Use the 12V Electric SUP Pump

Now that we’ve covered the basic operation of the electric pump, we want to pass along a few additional details.
Here’s a tried and true step-by-step to inflate your IROCKER or BLACKFIN board in less than 10 minutes.
Step 1: Connect the pump to your auto’s cigarette lighter or a 12V battery.
Step 2: Use the LCD display screen on the pump to adjust the PSI from 15 to 23. If you don’t already know your preferred PSI, you might want to try a few different settings until you find your perfect.
Step 3: Use the inflation hose to connect the pump to your paddle board.
Step 4: Press the power button, sit back and watch the magic.
Step 5: Give your board a little feel and if it feels right, unclasp the hose and hit the water.Good job! (And yes, it really is that easy and that fast.)
A 12V pump is simple, fast and effective. Anyone can get the hang of it in seconds, regardless of their SUP skill level.
Tip: The iROCKER electric SUP pump is a perfect holiday gift for your SUP friends and yourself!

Electric SUP Pump | iROCKER SUP Gear
Electric SUP Pump | iROCKER SUP Gear Guide

Understanding Each Part of Your Pump

Like all things mechanical, the better you know your equipment, the better off you’ll be. By knowing the parts of your pump and how they work, you can keep your pump in great working condition for many years.
The electric SUP pump comes with just about everything you need to inflate your board except a power source. If you don’t have a cigarette lighter in your car, you should invest in a 12V battery.
Here’s some more detail about the working parts of the electric SUP pump:
114″ (9’5″) cigarette lighter power cord:
This little piece of equipment is how your car becomes a pumping power source. Insert the end into your auto’s cigarette lighter. Simple.
12V battery alligator clips:
You will use the integrated alligator clips to connect to the positive and negative terminals of a 12V battery if a car lighter is unavailable. This is a great alternative to using a car cigarette lighter and we highly recommend the small investment in a mobile 12V battery.
42″ (3.5′) inflation hose:
You’ll find that the hose is built to fit all IROCKER and BLACKFIN boards. You’ll simply connect one end of the hose to your board and the other end of the hose to your electric pump. Voila!

iROCKER Electric SUP Pump

Expert Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s something we didn’t cover in this guide, these frequently asked questions from our fan community will help. These cover everything from recommended PSI to super SUP techniques.
What is iROCKER’s recommended PSI?
What’s good for your mate might not be your perfect, so PSI is best determined with a little trial and error. In general, however, the ideal minimum PSI is around 14 and the maximum is about 23.
Note: Your pump will start to register a pressure reading at around 7 PSI so don’t panic if you don’t see a reading ‘til then.
Can I keep my board inflated while not in use?
Of course you can. Depending on your storage situation and perhaps how frequently you get out for a paddle, keeping your board inflated might be the most convenient solution.
Tip: Avoid keeping an inflated board in direct sunlight because the heat of the sun can cause over-expansion.
Does my 12V electric SUP pump come with a warranty?
Of course it does! A one-year manufacturer’s warranty covers everything beyond the regular wear and tear of your electric pump.

Bottomline: You’re Going to Love the 12V Electric SUP Pump

An electric pump is a great gift for every SUP lover, including yourself!
Hand pumps certainly get the job done and if budget is a key factor, then by all means, stick with your hand pump. But if you’re at the point where you want to have more time on your paddle board than on the ground, you’re going to want an electric pump.
Once you get yours, let us know how you like it. Use the fields below to tell us or ask us your questions, or hit us up on social media. Hearing from our fans makes us happy!

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