Tips to Paddleboard like a Pro

Looking to master the beautiful sport of stand up paddle boarding? You’ve come to the right place! Our iRocker team loves every kind of SUP, from gentle solo paddle boarding to adrenaline-pumping SUP surfing. Whatever your goals, read on for our go-to guide for how to paddle board like a pro.

Begin with the Tried and True SUP Basics

If you scroll through the countless paddle board blogs floating around online, you might become distracted with fancy SUP skills. But trust us, before you jump into the good stuff, it’s important to get a firm grasp on the basics.
Balance is the most important skill you can learn when you’re just getting into SUP.
A powerful core and full body awareness are crucial to maneuvering your board in any waterway. Invest in a Balance Board for your house and head to the gym for core work to strengthen all the right muscles.
Tip: Pilates, yoga, squats and lunges are perfect for developing your balance and abdominal strength.
Practice your pop-up from your firm ground to perfect one of the most important parts of your SUP sesh.
When you’re ready to practice on your board, lie with your stomach on your paddle board and bend one knee at a time to reach a crouching position. With your hands and feet placed on the trackpad, launch yourself into a standing position.
Take a look at your stance once you stand straight up. Your feet should be in the center of the board, hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees to prevent cramps and help guide your SUP.
Paddle skills are some of the most important yet overlooked techniques of paddle boarding. It’s so much more than slicing your paddle through the water. Between the length of the paddle and your movements, your overall success relies on matching your height with the ideal paddle.
To find the perfect paddle, stand the paddle upright so the blade rests on the ground. Reach your arm above your head until you can grasp the handle. The right length lets you comfortably grip the top of the paddle without straining your wrist.

Paddle Boarding Tips | iROCKER SUP

SUP Surfing takes Basic Skills to a Whole New Level

Turn your SUP into a surfboard for a real test of your balance and paddle skills. Before you paddle into the swell, it’s a good idea to experiment behind boat wakes and in choppy water.
Stand up paddle surfing blends the most challenging aspects of paddle boarding with the excitement of traditional surfing. SUP surfing is tough so go easy on yourself til you get it mastered. It takes countless hours of practice, and then you’ll still need more practice.
If SUP surfing is your goal, be sure to get the right board. A board constructed for touring will do nothing but stifle your success. The BLACKFIN Model X has all of the right elements for a great day on the water.

Tips to Paddleboard like a Pro

The ideal length, prime buoyancy levels and maximum maneuverability make this SUP perfect for catching waves.
Time for the fun part — catching your first wave.
Paddle surfing can be easier than using a regular surfboard (but not necessarily in the beginning.) When you find the right wave, give yourself enough time to pivot your board toward the beach. Once you paddle toward the coast and feel the energy of the wave, use your paddle to move into the tightest part of the wave.

Paddle Yoga is Perfect for SUPers of all Skill Levels

A laid-back aqua-yoga session is namaste at its peak. SUP yoga is one of the most popular fitness trends around Canada for a reason. It flawlessly blends the carefree atmosphere of your local body of water with the abdominal instability of the water.
Before you launch into Warrior II in the open water, you should master the basics of this contemporary yoga practice. The first step to your SUP yoga success is to buy a paddle board perfect for yogees.
The right board strikes the perfect proportions of width and length — that’s where the iRocker Cruiser comes in. At 10’6” long by 33” wide, this SUP will support your Chaturanga, Kapotasana and every movement in between.
If this is your first experience with aqua-yoga, the simplest way to start is with a forward fold. Place your feet hip-width apart in the middle of the board with the paddle resting in between. Maintain a slight bend in your knees as you lower your chest toward your thighs. Let your head hang near your toes and grab onto each elbow with the opposite hand.

SUP Yoga | BLACKFIN Paddle Board
Best Paddle Board | iROCKER SUP
SUP Balancing Techniques
Paddle Boarding Techniques | iROCKER SUP

Paddleboard like a Pro with the Right Gear this Summer

The equipment you use for your SUP practice is as important as practice. Whether you’re a novice, expert or somthing in between, the iRocker online store is sure to check every box. Take a look at our selection of best-selling boards and must-have accessories.
Head over to iRocker’s Facebook and Instagram pages for inspo to kick off your #SummerofSUP. Tag us in your pictures for a chance to be featured on our page with your new iRocker gear. We also love to get your pictures and stories right here. Just use the fields below to get in touch.

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