Your Guide for Balancing Back to School and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

School might be in session, but that doesn’t have to be the end of fun and relaxing days on the water. Reliable gear and pro-level time management are your keys to incorporating weekly SUPing into your school schedule. Check out the iROCKER teams tactics for balancing back to school and stand up paddle boarding.

Trustworthy Gear Solves the Stress of a Busy Schedule

One of the easiest ways to truly enjoy your time on the water is to mix up your basic routine with aqua yoga or SUP kayaking. More commitments and more stressors can get in the way of a clear head while SUPing. That’s why every second of your time to yourself is important.

If yoga is your thing, the right board and some balance challenges will make all the difference. The iROCKER ALL-AROUND has the perfect dimensions to maximize your yoga session. It strikes the ideal balance between length and width to keep your body afloat and your headstands steady.

SUP kayaking is a whole different story. Every iROCKER and BLACKFIN board easily converts into a fully functional kayak in less than five minutes.

Tip: Purchase the iROCKER kayak conversion kit and read this in-depth guide to master the art of SUP kayaking in no time.

Other favorites for a day on the water include a cooler deck bag and an electric SUP pump. (These are also outstanding holiday gifts!)

Store your cold pints and save time inflating your board. That’s a win-win in our books. Thanks to fun technology like these, life on your SUP has never been better.

iROCKER Paddle Boards
Blackfin Yoga Board
Kayak Seat | Kayak Bundle | Blackfin SUP

Keep Calm and Deep Clean Your SUP Gear

You have no spare time for damaged SUP gear when you hit the water during the busy school season. Stick to your schedule by planning in advance to make time for yourself and your fitness.

A good, thorough clean is the best way to prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle of a busy fall season.

Cleaning your gear catches two fish with one cast. For one, your worn-out gear will look and feel brand new. It’s also a great time to check for any signs of damage or weathering. Your best bet is typically to upgrade each individual part that’s come to the end of its career.

Even top-quality boards like iROCKER and BLACKFIN can fall victim to rocks on the water and years of use. When you examine your gear for any issues, we advise you to focus on your paddle and fins.

If you do spot a problem with your board or gear, upgrading is simple. Check out our online store to purchase any individual part you need. Along with a new paddle and fins, other great upgrades include an GoPro compatible mount and a Bluetooth speaker.

GoPro compatible mount | iROCKER SUP
BLACKFIN Paddle Board

Create Time for SUPing within Your Busy Schedule

Your board will end up collecting dust if you don’t officially schedule some time for SUPing throughout the week. School fills the brain, but paddleboarding fills the soul.

Standard work and school schedules make it tough for personal time. If you get smart with your schedule, it’s totally possible to carve out time on the water.

Even mates with a full-time job and school can find time for a little fun. A quick cruise down one of Canada’s beautiful coastlines only requires an hour of your undivided attention. People with traditional schedules have a few main options — SUP with the sunrise, head out on your lunch break or end the day on the open water. All are wonderful, but each has its own set of advantages.

If an early morning paddle sesh sounds good to you, it’s important to avoid the snooze button. If you have a history of sleeping in, we recommend you stick to an afternoon or evening session.

Not too hungry? Head out during your lunch hour for a leisurely 45-minute paddle break. Make sure you inflate your board, pack your gear and map the distance from work to your nearby waterway. Most people gravitate toward evening workouts, which makes sunset paddling the fan-favorite.

Back to School SUPing Begins with iROCKER

We might not sell binders and school uniforms here at iROCKER, but we can certainly stock your closet with the right SUP backpack and fun add-ons. Fight the mid-week slumps and semester burn-outs with regularly scheduled days on the water.

A busy schedule is just no excuse to forgo your fitness. Plenty of research proves that consistent exercise is critical to a healthy brain and overall happiness. When the upside is that strong, paddle boarding should be one of your top priorities.

Do you have a trusted tip on how to make time for SUPing amidst your busy schedule? The iROCKER team would love to hear it! Chat with us on Instagram or Facebook so we can spread your good advice to the iROCKER community all around the world. If you have questions, feel free to use the fields below to reach our team.


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