Is Paddle Boarding Hard? It is Not! (We Promise)

Paddle Boarding Ultimate Guide

No other sport offers ease and versatility quite like stand up paddle boarding. SUPing is for everybody, and we mean that quite literally. If you’re trying to find a new hobby to carry into summer, rest assured it’s not hard to paddle board.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, iRocker and BLACKFIN boards are your SUP solution.

A high-quality board and some expert advice will have you exploring Canada’s waters in no time. We’re here with some simple advice on how to find the right board, hone your skills and launch into the water for the very first time.

Begin on the Sand Before Braving the Water

Learning how to stand up on your paddle board is arguably the most important aspect of the SUP experience.

If you never learn how to pop up, then you’ll never have the chance to learn the rest of the motions. So let’s get started with the pop-up.

The best spot to develop your balance skills is on the shoreline or in the grass (don’t forget to remove the iRocker fins first). Next, refer to our easy-to-follow guide on how to safely and efficiently pop up.

  1. Start on your knees with your hands holding the paddle as it rests on the SUP deck pad. When you feel comfortable, plant into one foot at a time to “pop” yourself into a crouching position.
  2. Lift the paddle and slowly move your feet into a wide stance as you fully stand up. Begin by lifting your chest then extending your knees.
  3. Hold the paddle right in front of you to gain your balance before pushing the blade into the water.

You’re practically a pro now! Head to the water ASAP to really test your stability skills. The movement of the water will kick your abs and hamstrings into gear.

In just a few minutes, you’ll quickly understand why paddle boarding is one of the best workouts on the planet. (Yes, it will burn a bit and that’s great!)

A Great SUP Session Begins with Balance

Trust us, this takes a whole lot of practice. Even the best paddle board on the planet can’t fix poor balance during waves, currents and wind.

If you have prior experience surfing, doing Pilates or another balance-challenge activity, finding your balance on the board will probably come naturally.

Here are some simple tips on how to stay dry during your next SUP sesh:

  1. Find a comfortable stance that keeps you afloat. Your goal is to have your feet parallel and centered between the front and back of your paddle board. Bend your knees slightly, point your toes forward and maintain a neutral spine and pelvis.
  2. Keep your head up and your eyes on the horizon. If you look at your toes the whole time, you’ll find yourself falling in the water. Fix your gaze on the horizon line for the duration of your paddle boarding experience.
  3. Let your hips do the work. Maintain your balance by shifting your weight between your left and right hip while you glide through the water. Want to go north instead of south? Distribute your weight into the correlating leg as you slice your paddle through the water.
  4. Don’t put too much stress on your feet. Tense toes and feet will wear your body out faster than any exercise should. Take a few baby steps once in awhile to keep your body relaxed.
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Launch Your Board like a Pro

A streamlined launch from the shore is the best way to start your day on a paddle board. The simplest method to get into the water with your iRocker is from a sandy coastline (but a low dock is doable, too).

If your only option is the dock, fear not. Here’s how to go about it like a seasoned SUPer:

  1. Lower your SUP into the water nose first while you hold onto the back of the board or the leash.
  2. Sit on the ledge of the dock and plant your feet toward the back of the crocodile-textured traction pad.
  3. Approach the edge of the dock at an angle so you can reach down and touch your paddle board with one hand.
  4. Scoot off the dock and safely position your knees onto your iRocker.
  5. You’re on all fours! Now, push your weight into the palms of your hands and bring your body to an upright position.

It’s Not Hard to Paddle Board when You have the Right Gear

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A great paddle board, simple-to-use pump and a comfortable leash make all the difference during a long day out on the water.

Every part of your SUP experience is affected by the gear you use. The best decision you can make for your body is to invest in a great paddle board and high-quality accessories.

Tip: You’re worth it!

All iRocker and BLACKFIN boards are constructed from military-grade materials to maximize maneuverability and extend your board’s lifespan.

We think SUPing is a sport for everyone all around the globe. That’s the reason our boards quickly deflate and roll into a travel backpack. Yep, it’s really that easy.

Find the board that’s best for you! Head over to our live chat on the iRocker website to find the paddle board perfect for your weight, height and lifestyle.

Have questions about iRocker and BLACKFIN boards? We’re here to help. Reach out to our team for more info about our free shipping, two-year warranty, 30-day guarantee and much more.

And when you’re SUPing like the pro you were born to be, tell us about your learning experience using the fields below. It’s not bragging if it’s true!

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