SUP Under a Full Moon this Summer

Full Moon Paddle Boarding | iROCKER SUP

The iRocker team members are big believers in the incredible experience of stand up paddle boarding at night. With the right safety precautions and a great group of friends in tow, exploring the coastline under the brightly lit sky is amazing and eerie all at the same time. What’s the very best way to enjoy nighttime with best mates? SUP under a full moon, of course!

Unless you’re into tracking the stars, you might not know the summer’s full moon schedule off the top of your head. No worries because we’re here with your simple guide on summer 2019 full moons and how to make the most of them with your iRocker.

Summer 2019 Full Moon Schedule in Canada

Slip into your swimsuit when the sun goes down on July 16, August 15 and September 14. Depending on where you are in BC, it could be warm enough to head out without a wetsuit. Full moons cover the sky at different hours. Keep your eyes set on the rising moon between dawn and dusk to see the moon at its brightest.

Plenty of legends surround the full moon and is impact on people and pets. From hard-to-believe werewolf transformations to a rise in conceptions, the moon has stirred mystery and rumors for centuries. Whatever you believe, one thing’s for sure — a full moon creates the perfect atmosphere for a remarkable night of paddle boarding.

Plan a SUP Date Night under the Full Moon

You’ll score some serious brownie points if you take your date on your paddle board under the next full moon. Trust us, your significant other will be blown away by your romantic creativity.

Stuff your iRocker cooler deck bag with some cold beer and sweets for a romantic night your date will just have to see to believe. The iRocker All-Around board is the perfect size for a duet paddle session. Opt for a high-quality, durable board built to support the weight of two people.

Meditate to Reconnect with Mother Nature

Astrology-lovers and yogees know what we’re talking about with this one. There’s something so spiritual about centering yourself with the earth and open water on a full moon night.

We build every iRocker board with military grade materials, including comfortable crocodile-textured traction pads. High quality materials and superior maneuverability makes iRocker and BLACKFIN boards a perfect setting for peaceful mediation.

Most people prefer to meditate solo, but it’s incredibly unsafe to SUP at night by yourself. Find a friend who fancies peace and quiet to accompany you on your relaxation adventure. Outgoing mates are always fun, but this might not be the night on the town they envision.

Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories are an Absolute Must

Take your night SUPing to the next level with glow stick necklaces and bracelets. We always recommend bringing flashlights when you paddle board at night, so glow-in-the-dark accessories are a natural extension to this crucial safety precaution.

Other fun glow-in-the-dark accessories include neon swimsuits and board shorts, glowing leashes, a strap-on headlamp and a full moon Spotify playlist. Colorful accessories are a sure fire way to remove any angst surrounding night SUP.

Schedule a Full Moon Pup Play Date to Howl at the Moon

Hang by the shoreline with your dog to watch the full moon rise into the night sky. Enjoy some time with your real BFF before you SUP with your crew. Buy into the werewolf folklore and literally howl at the moon with Scout. (And totally take a video of that!)

Catch your mates off guard with this fun twist on a traditional full moon party. Down a few drinks, enjoy the puppy playdate, then end your night on your SUP. Grab one of your strong and patient pals to watch the pups while the rest of you enjoy SUPing under the full moon. (We try to think of everything!)

SUP Under the Stars on One of the Brightest Nights of Summer

SUP Under a Full Moon this Summer
Full Moon Paddle Boarding | iROCKER
Summer Weekend Getaway | Full Moon SUP

One of the best ways to mix up a repetitive SUP routine is to hit the water sans sunlight. Embrace your local waterway on July 16, August 15 and September 14 for unbelievable night SUPing that’s unlike anything else.

Plenty of stories surround a full moon and it’s impossible to buy into them all. There’s no question that full moons change the way the world feels for a few hours on those fateful nights. Whether you believe the rumors or not, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to enjoy the brightest night sky of the month from your stand up paddle board.

Planning a full moon SUP sesh? We want to hear about your experience! Share your photos and videos with us on Instagram or Facebook. (Especially that howl at the moon video!)

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