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What if we told you it’s possible to give back and have an awesome time on the water? The iRocker team and our amazing clients travel to bodies of water all over the world to do just that. These waterways all have one thing in common, and that’s pollution. The views are breathtaking and the water is warm, but nothing ruins a SUP day like a floating heap of garbage.

When trash collection became a viral challenge a few weeks ago, we joined in on the fun right away. The #TrashTag Challenge encourages people all over Canada to take a ‘before’ picture of a polluted area and an ‘after’ shot showing your good deed. We normally don’t encourage people to post online about how they give back, but we’ll happily make an exception for the challenge!

It Only Takes One Person to Change the World

You don’t need heavy equipment or a board of directors to make a serious impact on the global environment. It’s as heading to your local beach or river and collecting a few plastic containers.

It may sound shocking, but community service doesn’t have to feel like an annoying obligation. When you clean up your coastline from the comfort of a high-quality paddle board, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Take a dip in the stream in your neighborhood or the beautiful Hudson Bay to take part in the viral #TrashTag conversation.

Keep it Simple With the Right SUP Gear

The worst thing you could do is bring a plastic bag into the water to hold the plastic you remove from the water. Doesn’t make much sense. The iRocker Cooler Deck Bag easily straps to the front of your board and is big enough to carry trash back ashore. It’s simple to clean, so you can go back to storing beer right after. That’s a major win for the environment in our opinion!

Another way to make clean up even easier is to convert your SUP using the Kayak Conversion Kit. Sitting instead of standing puts you closer to the surface of the water, which makes trash collection even easier.

Converting your paddle board into a kayak couldn’t be easier. Here’s everything you need to know to get the job done, including a thorough video demonstration.

“I bought the kayak bundle for iROCKER with the thought that my wife might get out on the SUP with me once in a while. Once I got the kayak bundle it changed everything. The seat is extremely comfortable for her and mounts easily. The paddle transformation is simple and effective.”

– Duane M., Happy iRocker Customer

Combine the #TrashTag Challenge With the #SUPCleanUp Movement

These viral online conversations give you an opportunity to be a part of something that really matters. We love having a great time on the water just like everyone else, but sometimes we’re called to do something more. While massive ocean cleanups happen every day around the world, your local swimming hole needs just as much TLC. You don’t need a team of researchers or heavy-duty equipment to make an impact.

A big reason to do your part with a paddle board in tow is because of the shallow waters you can reach. A boat or traditional kayak just can’t reach trash caught in the rocks and trees.

Here’s How the Challenge Got its Roots

It all started as a clever way to encourage millennials to get off the couch and into the real world. Within a matter of days, Canadians of every age, size and color joined in on the movement. When billions of pounds of trash is dumped in the ocean every year, the #TrashTag Challenge pulled at the heartstrings of the environmentally-conscious.

Water lovers everywhere joined together this month to do something about the global trash crisis. Take a look here and here to see some of the awesome work being done around the world.

Take a before shot of your polluted beach and an after photo highlighting your hard work. Don’t forget to include #TrashTag and #SUPCleanUp to be apart of the conversation! Who knows, you might just be featured on the iRocker Instagram.

Join the iRocker Team for the #SUPCleanUp Mission

SUPers from Victoria Island to Ottawa can all be apart of the fun. Get a tan, burn a few calories and pick up some trash while you’re at it. Turn it into an event with a group of your friends — a conservation day followed by cocktails on the shore.

Cleanliness Drive | iROCKER Commuinty Driven


Your first step to becoming a conservationist at your local waterway is picking a paddle board that’s perfect for you. Take a look at our wide selection of iRocker models and contact us with any questions. If you need help right away, drop us a comment on the live chat on our website.

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