How to Get Ready for Summer Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Summer SUP | Blackfin SUP Complete Guide

The bright sunshine and perfectly warm water of summer in Canada make it every resident’s favorite time for SUP. Don’t worry about a thick wetsuit or neoprene booties! Throw on your swimsuit, grab your stand up paddle board and hit the water. There are some important steps to take before launching your board this season.

Proper preparation is the only way to truly keep your board and body safe this summer. The iRocker team got together to create this simple go-to guide for getting ready for the exciting SUP season.

Challenge Your Body Before Launching Your Board

Our favorite way to spend lazy summer days is out on the water with our paddle board. Sound familiar? Prepare your body for the full-body workout by introducing your muscles to a few targeted exercises.

Summer Ready | iROCKER SUP

Plank: This killer exercise will kick your body into gear faster than you can imagine. It’s no secret that paddle boarding requires core strength for the rider to succeed. Planking at least once every day leading up to your first SUP of the season will greatly improve balance and maneuverability.
Can’t maintain a proper plank? No worries. Simply drop to your knees until you can do the real thing. However you do it, be sure to keep your shoulders and abs engaged the whole time. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat five times each day.
Reverse Lunges: Powerful legs will make or break your day on your paddle board. No matter the body of water you explore, we promise you’ll be hit with waves, wind and currents. Strong calves and thighs are the difference between staying on your board or flopping into the water. (Hey, worse things could happen on a hot summer day.)
Reverse lunges are the best way to strengthen your extensor leg muscles. Be sure to keep your back straight and knees above your ankles while you move your body into a lunge. Push off of your back leg to propel your upper body into a standing position. Swing the other leg around to complete your first reverse lunge. Repeat 10-20 times on each side three times per day.

Invest in the Gear that Elevates Your Summer

Who knows where you’ll end up over the next few months. Board a plane to visit your friends in California or hit the road for a SUP session on Hudson Bay. However you spend your summer, keeping your paddle board in tow will make it one for the books.

Premium Carry Back Pack: This will be the best decision you make for your summer travels. Your iRocker or BLACKFIN is lightweight as it is, but adding other luggage to the mix can quickly make it all feel like a burden. Lighten your load by rolling your board and its accessories into this portable, durable, extra-large travel case.

This premium back pack might be even better than your favorite luggage. Padded straps, back support and a roomy interior make this bag stand apart from the rest. Another perk? Remain confident in its quality with a killer two-year warranty.

Cooler Deck Bag: No summer is complete without a cooler full of cold beverages sipped with great friends. Grab your crew and head to your nearest waterway for an all-day SUP session. When your cooler easily straps to the front of your paddle board, there’s no need to head ashore for snacks or refreshments.

It’s big enough to fill with a few drinks and a good lunch. Pro tip: toss your sunscreen on the ice for a cool lather when it’s time to reapply.

Keep Your Skin Safe From Strong UV Rays

The last thing you want is to wrap up your summer with sun spots, wrinkles or something far worse. We’re here to help you take every precaution possible to protect your face and body while out on your paddle board.

Protect yourself from strong UV rays with a wide-brimmed hat, powerful sunscreen and an SPF shirt. Plan to launch your board between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm? Get ready for the full power of the sun at its peak. Don’t spend a minute in the sun without lathering your skin with SPF 50+ sunscreen every hour.

A Great Summer Starts With the Perfect SUP

Every iRocker and BLACKFIN board is made for riders of all sizes, interests and skill levels. The best way to elevate your summer is to invest in an inflatable paddle board instead of a traditional fiberglass one.

Blackfin SUP | Complete Guide for Summer

No need to stress about costly travel fees or dents in your board when you hit the road with an iRocker. Unsure which board is right for you? Check out the iRocker and BLACKFIN board comparison chart for an overview of our different designs.
We can’t wait to see how you spend your summer! Leave us a review with exciting SUP photos on our Facebook page.

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