5 World Famous Sandbars You Must Visit on Your Paddle Board

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#SipandSUP your way around the world this year as you visit our favorite paddle-up hotspots. Some of the most fun you’ll ever have is bar hopping with your stand up paddle board. Here are the iRocker team’s recommendations for the best five sandbars you must visit by paddle board.

SUP Stop #1: Granville Island, Vancouver

This is the only spot on our list that doesn’t center on cocktails. Granville Island boasts plenty of great bars and restaurants, but we’re here to rave about the Public Market. You could fill your itinerary a million different ways, but there’s just something about SUPing right up to one of the area’s most famous spots.

Stay awhile for the fresh seafood, eclectic shops and local music performances. Granville Island is also accessible by car, but why drive when you can SUP? That would be silly!

SUP Stop #2: Nanaimo Harbour, BC

Canada’s only floating bar is found on a small island in this quaint harbour. Kick back with local Canucks and grab a bucket of cold ones. The iRocker team loves the Dinghy Dock Pub & Floating Restaurant for its no-frills atmosphere and the nearby kid’s fishing hole.

We can’t think of a better family-friendly local spot to reach by paddle board than this authentic bar. The seafood is fresh, the music is live and the beer is bottomless. When you finish up at the pub, explore the harbour and marina for unique sea life and a day surrounded by other boaters and SUPers.

SUP Stop #3: St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

When someone combines two of our favorite things (tacos and SUPing, of course), we put that location on our list of top spots to visit. Lime Out is a floating taco bar about 60 yards off of Hansen Bay Beach.

This eco-friendly bar is totally calling your name. If the mere mention of tacos isn’t enough to excite you, their SUP deliver service will certainly do the job. If you want to hang back on your paddle board, kayak or boat, Lime Out will send one of its food runners to your vessel. Enjoy a few tacos and a fresh margarita all served in biodegradable containers. Oh, and that’s all while relaxing on your SUP. Life just doesn’t get better than that.

SUP Stop #4: South Padre Island in the Big State of Texas

Head south of the border to the good ol’ state of Texas. If you like a good SUP party, South Padre Island needs to be on your bucket list. This is a great stand up paddle board spot for the a mostly younger crowd but that doesn’t mean it’s not open to the over-30 crowd.

Complete with a party-hard fraternity atmosphere, shot challenges and wet t-shirt contests, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday any day you visit.

South Padre Island also hosts one of the biggest outdoor bars in the U.S., Clayton’s. Keep your eye on their event calendar for concerts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In fact, Clayton’s is also one of our favorite concert venues anywhere in the world. Does it really get any better than a waterfront concert surrounded by 5,000 of your closest friends? We don’t think so!

SUP Stop #5: Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands

Since there’s a sandy beach and plenty of bars, we just had to include this bucket list stop on our list. Home to the world-famous Soggy Dollar Bar, Jost Van Dyke is meant for #SipandSup.

The U.S.V.I. and B.V.I. are a year-round hotspot for Canucks. We aren’t sure if it’s the crystal clear turquoise water, famous painkiller rum cocktails or the beach games that get us more excited. We do know this: you’ve got to go.

Paddle board from your boat to the coastline to start your day at Soggy Dollar Bar with one (or two or three) of those amazing painkillers. One of the key ingredients is pineapple juice, which qualifies for a dose of Vitamin C.

Up for some bar hopping? The answer might be yes if you’re in the Virgin Islands. Head next door to another world-famous beach bar called Foxy’s. If you spot an islander sitting center stage and telling jokes, be sure you tell him hi. That’s Foxy live and in person. He’s happy to pose for pics because the man knows the power of social media.

Come Ready With the Right Gear for Your Summer Adventure

Top 5 destination for Paddle Boarding

#SipandSup is bound to be the trend of the summer, thanks to travel-friendly paddle boards like iRocker and BLACKFIN. Between launching your SUP and stepping foot on the sand bar, there’s bound to be plenty of downtime on the water.
Here are some of our tips for making the most of your SUP trip to your favorite sandbar:

Cooler Deck Bag: You’ve gotta stay hydrated out on the water. Whether that’s with water or pints is totally up to you. Be sure to pack your cooler bag with water and whatever else makes you happy. This add-on easily straps to the head of your iRocker for quick access when you need it.

SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit: Sometimes you just need to take a break and sit (Especially after a pint or two!) Invest in this high-quality kit to easily convert your iRocker into a fully functional kayak in minutes.

Headed on a SUP holiday this summer? Fill your days with some sandbar adventures like these. Be sure to take some pics and tag iRocker on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SipandSUP for a chance to get noticed on our social pages.

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