Here’s Why Paddle Boarding is Fit for All Ages

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There simply isn’t a better way to spend the afternoon with your family than stand up paddle boarding on a local lake or pond. The little kids, parents and grandparents will all reap the benefits of the relaxation and excitement associated with SUPing. While other water sports are often too difficult for the very young or very old, paddle boarding is simple to learn and requires no skill at all to begin.

It’s often nervewracking to let your kids out on the water all by themselves. Good news! Modern stand up paddle boards solve that problem. SUPs like the BLACKFIN XL can hold up to 485 pounds — easily one adult and one child. One main concern of soon-to-be senior SUPers is how much energy and strength is required. Paddle boarding is one of the very few sports that can be as easy or as rigorous as you’d like.

1. Pick Up SUP Skills in Under 60 Minutes

We’re not kidding, that’s really all it takes. Once you launch your board in the water, all you need is an hour to hone your skills and begin to feel comfortable on the water. The only two skills you need to develop early on is balance and paddling ability. From top-quality trackpads to modern paddle designs, iRocker makes sure every SUPer has the tools they need to succeed in the sport.

If SUP pups can find their balance on a paddle board, so can you and your family! We build every board with specific body types and skillsets in mind. Take a look at our board comparison chart to make your decision an easy one. 

2. Important Health Benefits for Every Rider

Paddle boarding provides so much more than simple cardio. SUPers of every age and ability will experience the benefits of this low-impact workout.
● Strengthen your core with low-resistance movements that rehabilitate seniors and help with muscle development
● Shut off stress and anxiety by centering your body in a peaceful environment
● Rehabilitate tired muscles and build already strong areas of the body with this full-body workout
● Burn calories by SUPing for longer periods of time and at a more vigorous pace
● Develop your balance and coordination to improve your posture and reduce backaches

3. One Board Can Satisfy an Endless List of Interests

Your iRocker provides the versatility you need to suit different skillsets, moods and interests. Vigorous race down the St. Lawrence River? Check. Calming yoga session on your local pond? Yep, that too. Investing in high-quality equipment is one of the best decisions you’ll make in your fitness life. All iRocker paddle boards are created from military-grade materials that promote several different types of exercise.
● Convert your paddle board into a kayak in minutes for leisure cruising, racing or fishing
● Choose a board with a soft deck pad so your iSUP can serve as a yoga mat while on the water
● Outfit your paddle board with rod holders and fishing gear to fish shallow spots that can’t be reached by boat

Convert SUP to Kayak

4. Easily Carry Your Board from Point A to Point B

Small kids, grown adults and elderly SUPers will be able to easily transport their iSUP to different locations. This is one of the main reasons to invest in an inflatable board instead of a hard board. Not only are hard SUPs typically more expensive, but they require a lot of expensive gear to make transportation possible. Between the board case, airline fees and board rack for your car, the fees start to add up in no time.
An iSUP is a cost-effective travel partner that isn’t a burden or expense while traveling. Simply deflate your iRocker, condense it into your travel backpack and head out on your adventure. It just doesn’t get better than that!

5. Paddle Boarding Can Be Done Anywhere in the World

If there’s water, it’s the perfect paddle boarding spot. Unlike surfing that requires waves and SCUBA that requires active sealife, SUPing just needs a few feet of water and a rider ready to explore. In fact, sometimes it’s even better to launch your board in a small pond or lake. Novice riders don’t always want the intimidation of waves, rip currents or onlookers.

You don’t have to travel far to fully experience the benefits of stand up paddle boarding. Whether you live in Vancouver, Goose Bay or somewhere in between, there’s always a nearby spot to launch your iSUP.

SUPing Simply Doesn’t Discriminate Based on Age or Skill

Blackfin Paddle Board with Air Pump

There isn’t a man, woman or child on the planet who can’t benefit from stand up paddle boarding in some way. From the relaxation to the fast-paced energy, kids, elderly and everyone in between will quickly see how simple it is to pick up on this rapidly growing sport. 21st century stand up paddle boards and accessories make it easy for riders of any size, age and skill set to gain their balance and glide through the water. Boards like the BLACKFIN Model X provide an exciting ride for everyone from beginners to expert SUPers.
Our team focuses on building top-quality inflatable paddle boards and practical accessories to the masses. Add-ons like the Shoulder Carry Strap and Electric SUP Pump make carrying and inflating the board simple for any body size.
Need some answers to your questions? We’re here to help. Reach out to our team of paddle boarding professionals any time and we’ll get back to you right away.

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