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Every season in Canada requires paddle boarders of all skill levels to dress appropriately to keep comfortable. Cold and warm climates each pose different pros and cons to keep in mind before heading out on your trip. Whether you prefer a chilly day on the water in Algonquin Park or a hot afternoon surrounded by the mountains in Alberta, the right gear will make or break your iSUP adventure.

A lot more goes into prepping for a paddle boarding trip than you might think. All-day or weekend SUP trips to any of Canada’s beautiful waterways can quickly become disappointing if you don’t equip your body and board with the gear you need. We’ve put together a list of important accessories to bring along on your next adventure, no matter the weather.

Accessories to Bring Along for a Warm Weather Trip

We can’t think of anything better than a sunny day exploring the water on an inflatable stand up paddle board. Not only is it peaceful to paddle in warm weather, but it’s easier to prepare for it. On the other hand, you can’t forget about strong UV rays and possible heat exhaustion. A cooler deck bag is a great way to store food and drinks for your day on the water.

Important items to pack for your next paddle boarding trip:

  • Powerful SPF sunscreen is the best way to keep your skin safe from the harmful UV rays found in many parts of Canada (Pro tip: put your sunscreen in your deck cooler bag so it’s nice and cool when you rub it on your skin)
  • Wear a swimsuit under your athletic clothes so you have the option to jump in the water when you need to cool off
  • High quality athletic clothing with SPF fabric will protect your skin from the sun, keep you cool and won’t limit mobility
  • A wide-brimmed hat will keep your skin and eyes safe from the UV rays
  • Sunglasses attached to a sunglass strap will keep your eyes comfortable all day and your shades attached to your body
  • If you’re headed to a lake or pond where you might walk in the water, don’t forget to bring water shoes to keep your feet safe from sharp rocks
  • Bring lots of ice, water and a water bottle that will stay cold for the whole day

Gear to Stay Safe When the Temperature Drops

Nothing will make your heart race more than a freezing cold day spent paddle boarding. Unfortunately, the chilly temperatures can cause immense strain and stress if you don’t properly prepare. The iRocker team is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Invest in a high-quality wetsuit to keep your body insulated in cold wind and water. This isn’t a time to be cheap — look for one that’s at least four mm built specifically for cold climates.
  • If you expect the temerature to drop below 7 degree Celsius, your best bet is a drysuit. Drysuits provide a thick, waterproof layer that seals around every opening to fully block water. Remember, you still have to layer up to keep your body insulated.
  • Stay comfortable with a thermal shirt and pants. Cold weather SUP trips are often reserved for experienced paddle boarders (if you’re reading this, that’s probably you!) High-quality shirts and shorts are a great way to stay warm underneath your wet or drysuit.
  • Neoprene booties and gloves are a crucial part of any cold water SUP adventure. Look for booties at least two mm thick for the perfect layer of insulation against the cold water. Find gloves with grips made specifically for paddle boarding or kayaking.

Practical Accessories to Take Your SUP Trip to the Next Level

While a cooler deck bag or kayak bundle aren’t necessary components of a successful paddle boarding trip, they’ll definitely provide benefits you don’t want to miss. Here are some of our favorite fun accessories to bring along on your next adventure.

  • A cooler deck bag isn’t just a fun accessory, it’s also a necessary component to any safe adventure. Securely strap the bag onto your iRocker and fill it with snacks and drinks.
  • With the Kayak Bundle, your trip can include more than just one sport.
  • Going on a fun trip? You just can’t go without the Premium Back Pack Carry Bag. Once you deflate your iRocker, you’ll be carrying your bag through the airport and to the coastline in no time.

All Great SUP Trips Start With the Right Preparation

Even if your paddle boarding trip is on a whim, there are still a few accessories you can’t leave behind. With a high-quality iSUP, a little bit of skill and the right clothing, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing trip with little to no stress.

If you’re new to the world of stand up paddle boarding, our best advice is to start with the board that’s right for you. Take a look at the popular iRocker All-Around Board. It’s great for novice SUPers to hone their skills and become comfortable on the water. Want to take your skillset to the next level? Take a BLACKFIN Model V out for a spin and you’ll be hooked in no time.

We have good news! There are many different boards to choose from to fit your body type and skill set. Check out our simple comparison chart to make your decision even easier.

No matter your skillset or the board you purchase, there’s just nothing more crucial than protecting your body in all types of weather. Whether that’s blocking your skin from intense UV rays or keeping your fingers warm in freezing temperature, iRocker has the accessories and recommendations you need to ensure a safe SUP adventure.

Need to chat before you buy? We’re here to help. Talk with our team of SUP experts for answers to all of your SUP questions.


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