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BLACKFIN Buzz? What’s Up with All the Hoop-La

Blackfin SUP | Best Selling SUP Brand

You know we’re stand up paddle board junkies. It’s our everyday jam and we kind of think it’s our job on this planet to introduce the world to our favorite sport.

Hi there, fellow SUP fan. Nice to meet you!

Our two fave boards are, of course, the iROCKER and the BLACKFIN. Yes, we make them, so we’re biased. But we’re also literally obsessed with building the best-performing, high-quality, safe, fun and long-lasting boards on the market. So basically, we trust our instincts (and our opinions) on all things related to stand-up paddle boarding.

So, you’re probably wondering why, if iROCKER is as absolutely fab as we say it is (and it is), then why did we feel a need to create the BLACKFIN model?

We’re so glad you asked! In this post, we’re going to break down all the juicy details about our incredible BLACKFIN model so you can see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Introducing the BLACKFIN iSUP

Why BLACKFIN is an obvious question, so let’s tackle that one first. BLACKFIN was designed and built to be the next step in the evolution of stand-up paddle boards. From the dimensions and materials, to the accessories and special added touches, we created this board to answer all of those “what ifs” die-hard SUP-ers ask themselves when they’re out on a paddle.

BLACKFIN is designed to perform:

  • Great in basically all water conditions
  • For every kind of skill level.
  • Built for stability and speed
  • designed to accommodate a single rider or several

BLACKFIN is extra durable

  • Amped up the rigidity factor.
  • When fully inflated, the BLACKFIN Model X feels and performs like a rigid board, and
  • Can carry a child rider (or nervous adult) has something to grab onto.

We’ve also added a whole bunch of other little touches to make SUP-ing super convenient. Things like more d-rings and an extra-grippy deck pad.

But we didn’t stop with bells and whistles. BLACKFIN is also uber-durable. You know we’re nuts about military-grade materials, and we’ve given BLACKFIN that same durability love. If you hit a rock or crash into a sailboat, your BLACKFIN is going to be undamaged.

(And as you know, you’re certain to crash into a rock or a branch or even a boat at some time or another, so the durability factor is key.)

To achieve this new standard of durability, we added a carbon rail to the sides to add stiffness and rigidity to the board. The result is the toughest inflatable SUP available today.

BLACKFIN is travel worthy

Even with all of this extra durability and rigidity, BLACKFIN remains as portable and travel-friendly as iROCKER. It inflates and deflates in minutes, and packs neatly inside our custom-designed roller backpack.

Yes, it has wheels!

So, if you’re planning a winter escape, you’re good to go. (And you should because it’s cold out there!)

Of course, we’ve put together a video to show you exactly what we love so much about BLACKFIN. Check it out here and let us know your thoughts. Just use the fields below to send us your input or your questions.

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