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SUP Adventures, Light Shows and Other Winter Events

SUP Adventures | iROCKER SUP

The holiday jams are playing on the radio, the decorations are coming out and the weather’s getting colder. This change doesn’t mean SUP-ers have to deflate their iSUPs and shove them in their iROCKER Back Pack Carry Bag until the winter comes to an end.

The temperature drops significantly in the coming months, but so what? True SUP-ers never let a little uncomfortable weather get in the way of a good iROCKER adventure. Isn’t that why wetsuits exist, anyway?

If you’re interested in awesome new experiences, prepare your BLACKFIN for a trip and take a look at these winter events happening all around the world.

Escape to the Amsterdam Light Festival

A trip to the Amsterdam Light Festival could be the trip of a lifetime. Tourists and locals flock to the Keizersgracht Canal to see the beautiful lights and art installations on display all along the water.

This is a perfect setup for someone who wants to view the show from afar, and from the comfort of their iSUP. (That’s you, right?)

Artists are invited from all over the world to dress the architecture and the canal with original artwork, lights and colorful projections. Imagine the view of a colorful, lit up winter wonderland from your iSUP. You’ll never want to paddle back to shore.

If you decide to bring a camera, the Cooler Deck Bag is the perfect place to store it until you’re ready to take a picture. This waterproof bag will keep your device safe, and the cooler bag won’t move at all when you attach it to the D-rings on your iROCKER.

The festival runs from Nov. 29 to Jan. 20. Find out more about the artists and event details here.

See St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights

Even though the temperatures are colder than most Floridians are used to, the people of St. Augustine, Florida troop it out and put on a light show every night from Nov. 17 to Feb. 3.

The St. Augustine Nights of Lights is a well-known event in Florida, and it’s worth seeing if you’re up for the SUP adventure. Locals wait for this event all year. The streets are adorned with holiday decorations and the beautiful historic buildings are covered with bright lights.

Take a ride down Matanzas River and see the lights illuminating Castillo Drive from your iSUP. The busy street of Castillo Drive will seem active yet serene from your view.

The Casablanca Inn goes all out when it comes to lighting up their gorgeous historic building. Lucky for you, it’s waterfront, so you’ll get a striking view of the beautiful presentation from your iSUP. Give yourself the chance to relax and take the moment in with our Kayak Seat attachment. You’ll be able to lay back as you appreciate the show from your iSUP.

Treat Your Pup to Australia’s “Every Man and His Dog” Event

If you’re more inclined to venture to a warm wonderland instead of a winter wonderland, the Every Man and His Dog SUP Event in Sydney, Australia might be the one for you. It’s just what you think it is. SUP-ers and their pups spend the day out on the iSUP. They play games and battle in friendly competitions against other pairs.

Follow the dogs to Watson’s Bay and don’t forget your iROCKER. It’s a one-day event that takes place on Jan. 26. That’s right, it’s also Australia Day, which means you should be prepared to celebrate hard! The festivities start at 10 a.m., so make sure you and your doggie get a nutritious meal.

You and your pup will be coasting and competing in games, like the “Man and Dog Treasure Hunt.” The object of this game is for your puppy to jump in the water and bring as many toys to the surface as possible. You have to work as a team as you paddle out to locate the underwater toys and your dog jumps in to fetch them. If your dog brings the most toys back to shore, you’ll be the winning pair.

It’s never too early to start training.

If you’re taking a winter SUP trip, let us know where you’re going in the fields below. We always want to see your pics, so send those too!

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