How to Care for Your iRocker SUP this Winter

How to Care for Your iRocker SUP

We are very excited about all of the new and current customers who are purchasing a new iRocker SUP to assist them with getting back in shape for 2019. The iRocker Paddle Boards can go anywhere and they do because all you do is add the backpack that carries the inflatable board, paddle, and pump to their luggage and off it goes. It is 2019 people, a great year to shape up and ship out to the ocean, river or lakes. Feel great, have fun and experience the incredible exhilaration….. Rock Out with iRocker SUP.

iROCKER SUPs are made out of the best materials we can find, and designed to be tough and durable. You already know this. But do you know that how you care for your iROCKER in the winter can have an impact on how many years of use you’ll get from your board?

iROCKERs are some of the finest stand up paddle boards on the market. Sure, we’re a little biased but we built them to the highest standards on purpose.

Once you get your iROCKER home, it’s up to you to give it the proper care and maintenance year-round to ensure a good, long life for it.

How to Clean and Store Your iROCKER

A lot of people don’t SUP in the winter. It’s cold up here in Canada! If you’re one of those people, you’re going to want to give your board a thorough wash and dry before storing. Don’t skimp on this!

Wash your inflated board with a mild soap and then rinse and dry your board completely. This is not time consuming so you won’t have to chuck a sickie or anything. It’s kind of like washing your dog without barking and shaking water all over the place.

Drying your board really well is key. You want to avoid any buildup of mold or mildew so never, ever, ever pack your board away while it’s wet. If you do, you’ll end up with a stinky mess.

Also, be sure to wipe down the inside of your pack and dry it completely as well. When your board and pack are ready, deflate the board, fold it and store it in your pack. (You do have an iROCKER Back Pack Carry Bag, right?)

What Not to Do When Storing an iSUP

Don’t get water in or near the valve. This is so very important!

When deflating your board, pay careful attention to this. Drying the inside of your iSUP is really too hard to do, and moisture inside can cause mold and mildew to grow inside your board. Yuck.

Your iRocker accessories need a good cleaning and drying out, too. Extra fins, pumps, paddles, etc can be stored with your board in the pack. Wipe and dry all accessories and keep everything in a cool, dry place away from the sun.

Also, choose your storage spot carefully. Sun and moisture are your enemies when it comes to season-long storage.

Yes, You Can Store Your iROCKER While It’s Inflated

iRocker boards are designed to hold air for long periods of time, so it’s ok to store them inflated. If you do, be sure to keep your board inside and protected from the sun. A garage works nicely for this.

Your board is built to provide many years of low-impact exercise and SUP adventures, as long as you care for it properly. For many, SUP is a year-round activity, but for others, it’s a strictly warm weather sport. Remember if the weather gets too cold at home, iRocker SUPs are easy to travel with so plan a vacation and take it along to a nice warm destination, Florida or the Carribean maybe!

iROCKERS also come with awesome warranty. To learn more, check it out here.

Tell us how you take care of your iROCKER SUP. Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Fill in the fields below so we can share your ideas with all our iROCKER fans.

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