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SUP adventures | iROCKER SUP

Welcome 2019, a new year with fun, excitement, and adventure on your Stand Up Paddle Board. Let us help you to prepare for this year with some of our past blogs, we have ones that will show you how to do Yoga on your SUP, Exercise on your SUP and have some screaming crazy fun on your SUP. We will help you Shape Up, so you can Ship Out on the waters around the home and maybe around the world. Remember we are inflatable, wherever you go, we can join just pack us up and include us in your luggage. iRocker SUP wants to Rock your 2019.

Jacksonville, FL iROCKER Fan Nancie Lott Searches for Manatees at Fort De Soto State Park with the Help of Her Faithful Pooch

Now and then, a SUP-er lifer has a transcending experience while they’re out on their board. For some it’s as simple as being alone with their board, watching the sun rise or set. For others, it might be something more invigorating, like taking on harsh waves during a storm.

Whether your iSUP experience is peaceful or a little scary, we bet you’ll want to live it again!

We have a story from one of our iROCKER enthusiasts from Florida, that falls right between peaceful and scary and keeps most SUP fans excited to get out in the sun to experience more with their boards.

Nancie Lott is a local of Florida’s “First Coast.” In her free time, you can catch her coasting on top of her iROCKER with her loyal puppy, Maggie, right by her side.

It’s hard to tell who loves the water more between Nancie and Maggie. When Maggie spots the iROCKER out of its regular place, she’s sure she’s about to go for a ride. She goes wild, jumping up and down and running toward the door. This is a pretty regular reaction from a dog like Maggie, who’s lucky enough to spend time out in nature with her best friend.

Florida’s First Coast is pretty much made for iSUP. The long span of land from Fernandina Beach to Vilano Beach runs north to south. St Augustine, well known for being the oldest city in United States, is conveniently located near Vilano Beach.

There’s free parking and it’s easy to access, but that’s not the best thing about the area. The beaches are all the hype. They’re a popular spot for both surfers and SUP-ers.

One of the best places to enjoy the weather as an avid SUP-er is in sunny Florida. Yeah, summers get really hot, but that means winters don’t get too intense (unless you’re like most Floridians who consider weather in the 50s to be freezing). Most of the time, the Florida weather is glorious for SUP-ers.

The First Coast also has the famous Intracoastal Waterway. Its vastness and beauty are unbelievable. There is always something new to witness when it comes to observing sea life that inhabits the Intracoastal Waterway.

Other bodies of water like ponds, lakes and rivers are worth visiting, too. Each separate body of water has a beauty and personality of its own that’s worth exploring. Plus, state parks make exploring so easy.

Nancie took advantage of one Florida state park when her good SUP buddy, Steve, asked if she was interested in joining him on a paddle at Fort De Soto State Park (not without their pups, of course).

Nancie could hardly wait for the expedition, and Maggie could sense her excitement! Before they knew it, they were walking out the door and on their way to the water.

Nancie says they paddled through mangroves at the start of their expedition. On their way to the Skyway Bridge, they were fascinated by the natural sea life. They saw oyster beds, tons of fish and they even witnessed a baby bonnethead shark.

Nancie and Steve already had a great story to tell. They were pumped to see what else was in store for them, so they continued on. Not much further into the trip, they spotted some friends on kayaks. They decided to join together and continue their adventure.

At one point, Nancy noticed Maggie holding a stiff pose at the nose of her board. She was staring hard at something in the water, and nothing could break her stare. Finally, Maggie realized there were sea cows just below them! They were poking their heads out of the water every so often, probably to say hi. The aggregation (that’s what you call a bunch of manatee traveling together) didn’t seem startled by the SUP crew. As a matter of fact, they seemed intrigued by the iSUP’s, clinging to them and bumping them at times.

One manatee even bumped Nancie’s board hard enough that it almost threw her overboard! Nancie’s practically a pro, though, and knew the way to avoid that was to drop to a seated position.

“He was actually pulling on my fin at one point in a totally playful way,” Nancie says.

“It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had,” she adds. “Times like these are why I carry my iROCKER everywhere with me. If I can find water, I’m going in!”

What’s a memorable encounter you’ve experienced with your iROCKER? Tell us all the details and send over your pictures. Please share your iSUP adventures with us by posting in the fields below, and show us your selfies!

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