What’s All the Buzz Around the BLACKFIN?

It’s no secret that we love our stand up paddle boards. SUPing is our hobby and our passion, and we want to get you just as excited about the sport as we are.

Are you ready to get excited, fellow SUP-er?

We love the iROCKER and the BLACKFIN equally, and we think they’re the best boards out there. You might think we’re too close to the product to make an unbiased judgment, but that’s not the case. We love these boards because we firmly believe they really are the best! They’re durable, constructed entirely of superior quality materials, and they perform great.

You’re probably wondering why we felt the need to create another model besides the outstanding iROCKER, but maybe you’re hesitant to ask.

Well, we’re eager to answer. We’ll tell you what you want to know by introducing you to the BLACKFIN and taking you through all the ins and outs of this glorious board.

The Long-awaited Intro to the BLACKFIN iSUP

So, back to the first question of why we decided to build a model different from the iROCKER.The answer is simple: Technology is getting better every day, and we want to get better too!

The BLACKFIN is a step up in evolution when it comes to paddle boards. We fine-tuned the materials and the accessories as well as the dimensions, and we added some special touches too. This board is one that will put an end to any “what if” questions SUP-ers consider when they’re out on the water.

You won’t have to worry about water conditions with the BLACKFIN. It’s designed to perform great in conditions of all kinds and for SUP-ers of all different skill levels. This new board can hold multiple riders while still maintaining speed and stability.

As avid SUP-ers ourselves, we know just how important a role rigidity plays. The BLACKFIN has superior rigidity. Your Model X will feel and perform the same as any rigid board when fully inflated.

On top of that, it carries as much weight as 204 kilograms and it includes handles for those extra riders to have something to hold on to. They can be found at the rear cargo area and at the front of the board.

Some more small touches we’ve included to make your SUP life a little more convenient are extra d-rings and a deck pad with extra grip. We also stuck with materials that are military grade with the BLACKFIN, so your board is still extra durable.

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled SUP-er, you’ll probably find yourself crashing into objects such as branches, rocks or even boats, so we know durability is an important concern. With the BLACKFIN, your board should get away unharmed.

This crazy durability is possible because of the added carbon rail you can find at the sides of the board. They’re used to add firmness and rigidity, and they don’t disappoint. BLACKFIN is the most resilient SUP you can find out there!

It has some hard features, but it’s still extremely convenient to travel with this board. It’s just as easy as traveling with the iROCKER. You can inflate it in minutes and deflate it in even less time.

Don’t forget to check out our custom-designed travel roller backpack to make traveling even more of a breeze. We can’t believe it has wheels either!

Your portable BLACKFIN will be the perfect travel buddy when you take off somewhere to run from the cold winter weather.

We put a video together to explain further why we love BLACKFIN. Check out the video here and let us know what you think. Use the fields below and send us any questions or input you may have.

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