Stargazing on Your iROCKER Stand Up Paddle Board. In Winter it is Cold but Not Impossible

There is absolutely nothing more romantic than starlight SUP. We’ve written about it before but during this time of year, iSUP stargazing is an absolute must.

So if you love stars and SUP, grab your iROCKER and a bit of nighttime-friendly gear for a dreamy experience you’ll never forget.

Gear Up

SUP-ing at night the right way takes a little extra planning and the right gear. Keep in mind the water is colder now so a wetsuit or something that can stand the water and keep you warm is what you need to find.

You probably never leave home without your cell phone but to do iSUP stargazing the right way, you’re going to want to bring a tablet. Download an awesome stargazing app, turn on location settings, and store it in a good waterproof case.

You’ll thank us for this tip!

Next, queue up some good stargazing tunes. If you’re out with buds, think Electric Light Orchestra. If you’re with a special someone, you might think about Van Morrison and that whole Moon Dance thing.

Also, pack snacks and bevs.

Finally be sure to wear your leash, just in case you take a spill in the dark.

Plan Ahead

The very best time for SUP stargazing is during a full moon, or just before or after. It also helps to get as far away from city lights and airplane traffic as possible.

The exact stars you’ll see best also will depend on the time of year. During the winter here in Canada, there are many stellar opportunities to stargaze. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a little wordplay!)

For example, you can paddle by moonlight on the Grand River in Ontario or Jasper National Park, in Alberta. Our lakes make it simple to find a perfect spot. Just remember the water is cold and you might fall in, so think about wetsuits and some hot chocolate.

Wherever you decide to go, you’ll find that the Northern hemisphere is literally full of stars! It’s amazing. Some of our faves are constellations like Aquarius, Canis Major and the big cat, Leo. Also, try to look for one of the oldest and probably best known constellations visible most of the year, Ursa Major (also known as the Great Bear).

If you have travel on your mind (and what SUP-er doesn’t), consider a stargazing SUP trip to the US. Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine, is amazing! You can plan an evening paddle in Castine Harbor under a serene blanket of stars. As you paddle, every stroke creates a mystical swirl of light from the bioluminescent organisms in the water.

There’s also Lake Hudson State Park in Michigan, another perfect place to iSUP and gaze at the stars. Providing calm waters for perfect evening paddles, it’s also a designated dark sky preserve. If you don’t know what a dark sky preserve is, you need to know.


You have places to paddle, your app is downloaded and ready to use, and now it’s time to plan a safe stargazing SUP evening. Whoop!

You’ll need the right board. Take a look at the iRocker Big Blue. It’s a large board with incredible great stability on the water, and space for you and a friend or two. Add some LED lights to the bottom of the board and you’ll be able to you see into the water as you paddle while looking uber cool at the same time.


Tip: We suggest you take life preservers, an extra paddle, and make sure your tech is fully charged. Get some great gear here and get going!

Have you been stargazing on your iSUP? Tell us about it and send us your pics, too. We want to hear from our SUP fans and all about the adventures they take on their iROCKER’s. You can use the fields below to tell us all about your night under the stars.

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