Why iSUP is Simply the Best Cross-training Sport

With the increasing popularity of stand up paddle boarding, it’s really interesting to learn there is actually a debate about whether iSUP really is the best water exercise. At iROCKER, we can tell you without a doubt, that it is!

We’re biased, sure, but there’s science to back us up.

iSUP for healthy exercise is becoming a very popular choice over running, cycling and swimming. If we just mentioned your favorite sport, hear us out! We know how exercise habits and budget can keep anyone from trying a new sport, but we know we can change your mind about it too.

What if you tried iSUP and absolutely fell in love?

You non-SUPers need to see how you can change or add to your current exercise routine with some really fun cross-training on a stand up paddle board.

Surfers who SUP

We know surfing is almost a religion. If you’re a die-hard surfer, you know (and your body most likely proves) that surfing is a healthy sport. It’s awesome for burning calories and getting plenty of vitamin D and fresh air.

We love surfing!

A surfer can burn about 515 calories after about an hour of fiere surfing. Surfers build strength in their legs and core, and get an overall body workout.

However, iSUP is great for those days when the water is calm and glassy, but you still want to get out there. It’s also a good way to get a low impact workout while rehabbing from that last wipe out!

Runners Who SUP

Running is a truly versatile sport. During a sunny day or rainy night, in cold weather or even on a hot humid afternoon, running is one of those things you can basically do whenever you want. You can run by yourself, with a buddy, or even with several hundred other runners at an event.

Running is convenient. You need your feet in good running shoes, and maybe some specialized clothing depending on the weather. Since very little equipment is needed, it can be a sport for all ages and incomes.

Running burns calories. A runner can burn an average of up to 650 calories an hour, depending on speed, terrain, and level of fitness.


You knew there had to be a “but,” right?

If you’re injured or coming off surgery, well, that’s the end of running for a while.

Running is a high-impact sport, and many runners find joint, knee and foot issues in their futures from the toll it takes on their bodies. iSup is a great alternative when aches, pains or injuries sneak up on you.

Cyclists Who SUP

Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities on the planet. City planners and developers around the world actually make multi-million dollar development decisions that include safe bike routes, bike trails and even easy access to great quality bike rentals.

Cycling isn’t just a great way to exercise. It’s also a great form of transportation. On average, a cyclist can burn about 500 calories an hour, while strengthening their core, arms and leg muscles.

Compared to SUP, however, cycling does have some disadvantages.

Yes, we are biased but please read on….

Cycling needs a lot of equipment. Depending on the type of bike riding you do, you need the right bike, helmet, safety equipment, shoes and clothing for your safety and your comfort.

Plus, one crash on your bike could leave you with catastrophic injuries, especially if it’s car vs. cyclist. (Unfortunately, many drivers don’t see cyclists when they should, or they just don’t pay enough attention to share the road with cyclists.)

And getting back on your bike when you’re recovering from certain injury or an illness might not be possible.

We’re not anti-cycling. We love cycling! We simply want to make our case for iSUP.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is the Best All-around Sport

We have many reasons for you try iSUP. Canada has lots of water options. Chances are you live relatively close to the ocean, a lake, a pond or some other body of water suitable for SUPing. Are we right?

If you have a need for low impact exercise, iSUP is going to be perfect for you, even if you’re recovering from injury, surgery, or illness.

SUPing is low impact enough that it’s a great option for getting back to exercise when you’ve been down. You’ll work your core and your balance while giving your arms and legs a gentle workout, too. If you are injured but mobile enough to walk, stand, balance and paddle, it could be just the thing you need.

Yes, special equipment is needed to iSUP, and your equipment makes a difference in your experience. Happily, we can report that the costs to get started are quite low compared to many other sports. Take a look at our iROCKER starter package. At CAD $849 it includes everything you’ll need to get started.

Depending on your fitness level, where you SUP and how quickly you catch on, SUP burns anywhere from 400 to 800 calories per hour. Wow! There are many reasons your iROCKER can even beat the gym as well.

SUP is flexible and this is another huge plus. You can SUP alone, or in a group. It’s a great daily exercise option, or easy enough to add when you need to change up your current routine. You can even do yoga on an iSUP and  take your board with you on vacation.

Are you ready to try SUP? We challenge you to give it a try and tell us all about it. Use the fields below to give us the details of your first SUP sesh, and don’t forget the pictures.

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