iSUP Fun is all about the Gear

You know you have a stand-up paddle board addiction when you realize you must get out on the water as much as possible, every day, and if you miss out on a day of iSUP-ing it causes distress.

We totally get it, because we have that same addiction!

When things don’t go right, like the irritation and frustration of leaving your pump at the house, or you discover your leash is broken, you realize the importance of preparation and having your gear. Darn, the water was perfectly glassy, too.


Look, we’re just going to tell you straight out: your mom was right when she told you to plan ahead.

When you’re ready to take your board to the water, don’t make the huge mistake of leaving things behind. The proper gear is essential for iSUP-ing like mom expects and you desire. Get the gear so you’re always ready for a perfect SUP session.

The Right Board is Essential

Whether you SUP in lakes, oceans or bays, you need a good board that can withstand travel and handle debris in the water. iROCKER stand up paddle boards are built to do all of that.

After years of working to find the best combination of design and materials, we know our boards will serve you well. How do we know? They serve us well and we are iSUP nuts!

If you’re a SUP newbie, you’re probably going to want the widest board we make. Wide boards are stable and will help with learning to balance quickly. They’re also good at helping you build your confidence in your new favorite sport.

If you enjoy SUP-ing with friends or the family, the iROCKER Big Blue is the multi-person board you need.

Make iSup Easy with the Right Stuff

Remember, your board is just the start. You’ll need sturdy paddles, of course, and a good ankle leash. You’ll want to keep your board tied to you so it won’t float away if you fall off, which you will and it will be fun when you do.

Stand up paddle boarding is an activity that gets your heart pumping and burns calories, so you’ll need a deck bag to stow snacks and water.

Being prepared helps put an end to the irritation of having to drive back to the house, or the need to rebuy things you forgot. Your friends will appreciate that you’re the smart one who remembered the cooler bag!

If you want to be really smart, get the carry straps, too. You’ll thank us for this tip. Carry straps make your board and paddles much easier to carry down to the water and back to the car.

Also, remember to get a pump. iROCKER has an “i” in the name because all of our boards are inflatable. This makes them perfect for storing, and easy to use and to travel with.

To make your new SUP life super simple, we suggest taking the thinking and shopping out of the mix by getting the iRocker Bundle. It comes complete with a board, pump, paddle, leash and a backpack carry bag. Easy breezy!

We want to hear all about your hacks and tricks to make sure you have what you need when you set out to iSUP. Fill in the fields below and share your ideas and pics with us. We love seeing our fans on our boards!

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