iSUP Takes Team Building to the Water

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Looking for a unique way to motivate and engage your employees? Inflatable stand up paddle boarding can be your solution.

Yes, it’s a bit out of the box, but isn’t that the goal? Seriously, does anyone really thrive in the conference room or a another cookie cutter bowling alley?

SUP is not only a growing healthy living craze, it’s a healthy working craze. Hear us out….

First off, SUP as a workforce team building event is different. That will get everyone’s attention. Second, it has something for everyone — even those who absolutely refuse to get on the water. More on that in a minute.

Most importantly, it’s FUN and planned right, can include all kinds of things that encourage teamwork as well as personal growth. You might even start a healthy lifestyle craze and that’s good for everyone.

So let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about how to turn that annual workplace outing into a fun and memorable event your entire team will love.

Pick the Right Spot

You might be a SUP superstar but unless you work with us here at iROCKER, it’s unlikely your entire team will be up to your level. (If they are, keep that job, my friend!)

So plan your outing somewhere calm, private and safe. Think glassy lakes and quiet streams.

Next, think about access. No one wants to spend more time getting there than being there.

Also, think about facilities like access to fresh drinking water, cell phone signal and overall safety. Are there public restrooms? Secure parking? You do the research so your team can focus on fun.

Fortunately, Canada is full of countless locations perfect for team building iSUP, so finding the perfect spot should be the simple part.

Plan the Fun

Unless your team consists of iSUP superstars like you, you’ll probably want to plan for every level, including not only SUP newbies, but water newbies. Believe it or not, not everyone loves the water.

(Weird, right?)

But with team building iSUP, there’s truly something for everyone! A gathering like this needs people who are great at snapping pics, perfect for spotting danger, keen at judging contests and talented with planning food and bev.

You also need planners to help with the on-water details. This takes course planning and some setup. You can create an obstacle course with challenges at certain markers, for example, or you might want to anchor some buoys for required turns along the route or install a rope swing at a certain point.

Think about other fun challenges like a scavenger hunt, a mandatory yoga pose for a photo op, timed trials or even relay races.

Be creative with course obstacles and challenges — it makes the outing that much more fun.

You also want to create and write up some simple but clear rules for the day. Identify specific tasks that individuals or teams must complete along the course. And remember, since your employees will have varying experience and skills, share our beginner tips for helping everyone to enjoy the day.

The better your planning and prep, the better your outing will be. We know, because at  iROCKER we have created this kind of experience for our own team members and it’s a huge win every year.

Rewards Help!

This is the kind of outing where it’s ideal if everyone gets a prize. After all, a great team combines multiple skills and talents. Here are some of the prizes we hand out at our team building SUP sessions.

  1. Fastest On The Course gets a smartwatch
  2. Top Yoga Pose gets a personal iSUP yoga training session with a noted SUP yogi
  3. First Team to Complete the Scavenger Hunt gets a lunch out on the company

We also reward everyone with custom caps, t-shirts and an enormous buffet lunch at the finish.

Have we convinced you to take your team building meetings to the water on your iSUP? We hope so! Please send us your pics and vids, and tell us your own ideas for making it fun. Just use the fields below to get in touch.

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