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Create Great Family Time with iROCKER

You’ve lucked into a warm and beautiful day at camp, so you decide it’s time for some family time on the water. You head to the garage and start collecting all the toys, floats and flippers and a wagon to haul it all. You pack a cooler, rally the family, find the missing flops and now you’re exhausted, the kids are hungry and you haven’t left your house.

How did this beautiful idea end up becoming such a hassle?

It’s probably time to reconsider all of the stuff you think you need to have for a great day outdoors with the family.

Here’s an idea for real family fun: iSUP.

iROCKER’s inflatable stand up paddle boards are fast becoming a favorite family activity all over Canada, and for good reasons. They’re simple to pack and tote, easy to use, and sure to provide hours of hassle-free fun for the entire family, including the pooch. (And trust us, if your little bundle of joy is the least bit hesitant about trying SUP for the first time, Fido might be the ticket to turn those frowns upside-down!)

If all of this sounds like bliss to you, then let’s talk about how you can get your family off the couch and on the water for some fun with you.

First, pick a spot that can almost guarantee success. Almost any water will do. After all, you know you can iSUP in lakes, ponds, streams, canals, etc. Basic cule of thumb: if you can swim in it, you can SUP on it. But you want to pick the calmest water you can find for that first family outing. You can even try your swimming pool.

You want to set your kids up for success, so calm is the way to go til everyone has mastered the art of balancing on water.

If you’re thinking more of a vacation and less of a staycation, here are some ideas for iSUP vacations.

Whether you stay close to home or venture out, you want the right gear. There are stand up paddle boards that are suitable for multiple people, like our Big Blue. It not only holds multiple people, it also carries all of that extra gear. Just as importantly, its size makes maneuvering in choppy water super-simple. Your family will love this board.

If you already have a board for yourself and need a new one for the kids, take a look at the iROCKER Cruiser. It’s wide and sturdy for beginners so it’s great for mastering balance and maximizing fun. Plus, it can hold two riders at once (think mother-in-law plus grandchild).

Some children might find getting balanced on their new board to be a challenge. Shy kids also might worry about being watched. So make it fun and light. Budget extra time to practice, time for breaks with snacks and laughs, and no set plan to get anywhere specific at any certain time.

If anyone in your group absolutely refuses to stand up, let them sit. In fact, encourage them to sit by bringing along our kayak bundle just in case. There’s no need to be outwitted by a negative Nana! Be prepared and let your family see how smart (and fun) you are.

Finally, take lots and lots of photos showing everyone how much fun they had. Scrolling through pics later will get everyone excited about a repeat SUP sesh.

Are you ready to share your iSUP bug with your kiddos? It sure beats lugging all of that gear to just sit on the sand! Please get ‘em out there and tell us all about it afterward. We love hearing how iROCKER brings families together on the water. Just use the fields below to send us your stories and those adorable pics.

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